Monday 19

March 23, 2009

Happy Monday everyone. Even though I woke up a little later than I planned, I’m actually feeling
pretty good.

As always, let’s start off with what you may have missed last week.

  • I give a little advice, got an AWESOME coupon from a friend, and tell about an upcoming opportunity.
  • I ask poets to send me some of their work.

That was about it for last week. Sometimes I have busy weeks here, sometimes… not so much.

**Ncaa Dynasty results **

Cal beats ECU in their rematch from the National Championship 31-21 thanks to a late game 85yd INT for a TD. Illinois had a romp against LA Tech, and USF handles UCF in the battle of I-4. This week Cal and and Illinois have bye-weeks, and ECU and USF meet. USF is currently undefeated and ECU is hungry for a win; who is walking away with the win ???

**end of Dynasty results**

This week, get a free drink at One fresh when you say “I know 1”.   How is your March Madness Bracket looking? Mine? it could be better…  FSU let me down pretty badly, I guessed they were going to the Sweet 16, but Wisconsin wasn’t hearing that.  I was still able to select 12 of the sweet 16-ers; Don’t let me down guys.

Well, like I said previously, I met Salt’s “better half” this week; Honestly? I’m pretty neutral about him. I don’t “dislike” him, but I don’t “like” him either; Just really neutral about him. Not sure if that’s a good thing… I’ll just keep an eye on him.

Not much else is going on this week, still trying to gather some poetry for my soon coming poetry corner. I’m not sure what I’m doing with it yet, it could just be a place for poets to get their stuff read. Maybe have themes every once in a while… maybe even turn it into a contest.  Seriously, if you or anyone you know is a poet; send me an email with your work. Rules and regulations for this entry can be found here.

Talk about FISH sightings; I wake up to a Fish advertising a massage service: $15 for males and ladies. She is certified and license so it’s not one of those “Shady Craigslist” things…  She also offers a $5 bonus for guys; I’m not sure what it is though; but she insists it’s not a “happy ending” well, I trust her :). If you need her contact info, lemme know. Maybe you’ll get a discount if you tell her I sent you… *maybe*

Listening to Steve Harvey’s Radio show…  there was a guy who essentially was talking about the need for black people to stop blaming everything on “the man”. Yes, in certain situations, we are ill-equipped/represented; but “the man” isn’t the one on the corner selling drugs, robbing your fellow man, and impregnating every women being “loose” with every woman they shake hands with. We as a people need to do better.

**This  blog has been spell-checked once for accuracy**

Graduation BCS Intro

January 29, 2009

As many of you know, I Love College football. I love it to the point I started my own online Dynasty with some friends (which by the way is still waiting on the National Championship) 

Today, I recieved an email from FSU today. Pretty much it explained something about graduation, and which website I needed to check out for more information. 

Here’s where things get interesting;

According to my email, everyone gets 6 tickets; and if you need more you can petition for more depending on supply/demand. 


As many of you know (well, some of you) I have a big family. 

How big? 

let’s just say my siblings alone put me at -2 tickets. 


This isn’t including my parents, relatives, or even Mrs. Blogmaster. 

So here’s what I’m going to do; instead of treating the situation like the rest of the sports world and conduct a playoff competition, I’m going to treat this like my favorite sport and have coaches, computers, and members of the press decide who gets to go to the Graduation !

OK, apparently I’m not allowed to do it that way… something about a lawsuit

So,  I will turn to you my voters fans;  who gets to go?

Do I give out automatic bids to my parents?  

Does one sibling get more votes because of a stronger strength of schedule (birth-order) ?

What about Mrs. Blogmaster, do I give her the #1 seed just because ? 

I have an aunt in NY who wants 3 seeds for her conference in NY.

This is going to be fun. 


Don’t forget to send me funny Facebook Statuses that you come across.

Monday Post 9

January 12, 2009

It’s Monday, and you know what that means? 

It’s time to fill you in on things past, and things to come.

Well, Oklahoma lost the national championship; but they tried. I guess 

It was an overall slow week for the blog last week. 

I talked about my last “First Day of Spring” 

I then turned around and complained about being enslaved

Well, my little sister seems to be doing just fine in the land of the ‘Noles. She’s adjusting, and barely needs my help. They grow up so fast.

Well, I played games with some friends this weekend. It was lots of fun, especially playing Taboo. It wasn’t MY fault that a bunch of I.T. – minded people ended up on the same team and WRECKED shop over the weekend (we won by 30 points. which is a proper beating in ANY sport) but in all fairness, how would YOU describe “Jim Henson” without mentioning Seasme Street, Kermit the frog, the Muppets in General, the word “Created”, or Ms. Piggy??? 


Has anyone else noticed the sudden spike in “fanhood” for a certain school after last Thursday?

Living in Tallahassee, I’ve grown accustomed to seeing a Fan of “That School” from time to time, because let’s face it: haters never sleep.

But as of Friday morning, it’s like they’ve sprung up from everywhere. I am not attacking anyone who wasted money graduated from that institution. I’m talking about the people who might have gone to other schools (if at all) and have now latched on to the “Tebow Wagon”   *shudders*

This is not a personal attack on Mr. Tebow. Anyone who can go to school, and go on mission trips with their parents, and do whatever it is he’s done oversees is commendable. Neither is this an “attack” on the institution he attends: My school doesn’t like his school, and the feeling is mutual; A little Rivalry is healthy for you.

This is specifically to all the people who all of a sudden “saw the orange & blue light” over the weekend. DOUBLE shame and disappointed if you “were” a Seminoles fan first- it’s fine, we don’t need fans like you. Pick a school, stick with them. It’s one thing to be converted via family or hostile takeover; but to become fans overnight? Unacceptable.

In slightly happier News, Bobby Bowden has decided to return for another Season. With FSU finishing with a 9-win season and now being 1 game behind Penn State‘s Joe Paterno (Brooklyn Native) it’s no surprise Bobby wants to ride off into the sunset on the back of Renegade and 10 or more wins. 

It has also been brought to my attention that FSU and USF will be playing 2 home-home games, with the first one starting this upcoming  (2009) Football Season. A couple articles I read on the topic (which all seem to come from the same place) mention how great it will be for the overall state of Florida and such. One year I would like to see a real “Florida’s Cup” season. FSU,USF,UCF,UM, and the other School (FIU isn’t old enough to play with the big kids yet)


As always, If you like my blog, let me know.

If you don’t, tell me how can I make it better.

Finally, I’d like to say that even when you think it’s too late, or you’ve run out of chances, there’s always a surprise around the corner. The Eggs only spoil when the Hen stops caring for them (#24)

Enjoy your week, stay warm, stay happy.

P.S.- If you go to My Favorite Restaurant and say “I want Soup” you get a free veggie with your order.


December 15, 2008


Another Weekend has ended.

Tebow DIDN’T win the Heisman

Bush had a shoe tossed at him

Some other stuff happened, but now… it’s Monday

It was an empty feeling coming into work with none of my favorites here… WHY did I think it would be a good idea to come into work after school let out???

There was a small glimmer of joy; I came and found my laptop holder desk covered with little gifts and candy from my co-workers; Thanks ladies, this blogmaster’s heart is covered in warm and fuzzy. 

Things you might have missed on the blog:

Being Stuck on an Island

The “unacceptable” Service @ Chili’s 

Wow… I had a pretty short week… Well, I had Finals so I was busy studying 🙂

This week, I’ll be doing a lot of gaming. Last night was the 2008 Video Game Awards… All I have to say is that Jack Black should NOT be allowed to Reproduce. EVER. 

How much gaming ? Well, I have close to 10 games in rotation !

** Dynasty note ** 

#1 Cal (me) will meet up against #2 ECU (Ja514) for the national championship!!! 

An undefeated #3 USF (Ala81) has been left out, and will be filing a petition for a playoff system. 

It amazes me that even in the world of Video Games, this business of College Football is still about politics. 

** end of Dynasty note **

This is the last Monday post where I will be AT work; next Monday will be from the comfort of my own home (which means it might be a little late…)  

**Work Update**

I was attacked by the PSI this morning (or BTS in some circles) there were no casualties, but i’m sure trauma will set in…

**end of update** 

Now is also a good time to find out what you the reader would like to see more/less of on the blog. 

Keep in mind, that After the “National Championship” (both the real one and the Dynasty) you won’t be hearing too much about our Dynasty (except for certain key match-ups, or league additions)

Keep an Eye out for new things in ’09 !!!

and I hear that for 10 special fish, Santa is coming to town…