Just One?

Imagine… that you are stranded on an Island…

Actually, forget all that.

Let us say there is a decree known as “The One Artist Act” which states that you are only allowed to listen to ONE artist for the rest of your life. 

No collaborations, No remixes, No mix-tapes…

Just one artist, and one artist alone.

who would you pick? and why??

Personally, when this Question was posed to me by the Notorious Lo Rap, I was unable to pick one.

I told her I could probably pick 10 comfortably,

Maybe shave it to 5 in a rush…

3 if being tortured

but 1?  Blasphemy

In a world of mp3 players, it would be hard to chose just one artist.

Go through your Ipod (Zune, Walkman, laptop) right now…

Could you really live with just ONE of those artists? 

All knowledge on the matter is greatly appreciated.


3 Responses to Just One?

  1. Dan says:

    So easy. U2!!!

    On a side note, how many people do you know who still rock the walkman. I mean i gave those up ages ago.

  2. MellownMighty says:

    This is really difficult because I love a variety of music but I may have to go with Morris Day and The Time.

    Runners-up: Anita Baker and Foo Fighters

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