Graduation Mobile Moment 2

April 23, 2009

As of now, it seems like everything is in order for Graduation.

  • My NY family is working on getting plane tickets and such.
  • My FL  family is just about ready to arrive.
  • I am on the verge of passing all of my classes (Most important !!!)

I am still pretty anxious. My heartbeat has been an extra 10 beats per minute, and my stomach isn’t quite sure if it likes food any more not.  The food stays down, it’s a matter of convincing my stomach I’m actually hungry.

Pizza Funeral

February 4, 2009

That is the best way I can described what happened at lunch today.

Ms. Banana, The Dog-Mother, New Girl, and Myself all decided we were going to get lunch today.

We all decided on Pizza. 

At first, we wanted to go here, but they don’t deliver before 4pm. 

after we all expressed our disappointment, we decided on this place

After waiting an eternity 30 minutes, the food arrived.

We all got up and started heading to the “eating area” and we noticed our boss was in there warming up food.

I then went downstairs to buy a soda from the vending machine. Upon my return, everyone was gone

I was slightly concerned, and went to my comrades for clarification.

It was then told to me by the Dog-Mother that the Big Bosses like to eat lunch around this time, and wouldn’t be happy with us in their at that time (plus we technically don’t work long enough shifts to get a “lunch break” )

Defeated, I took my box of pizza back to my cave cubicle, and ate in solitude, plotting one day for lunch freedom without holiday.