Tales from the Cuckoo’s nest: Light Bright

All day today, everyone has been playing with the lights…

I made it to the point where I was able to ignore the flickering of the lights. It also helped when they STOPPED.

“Mrs. Mack” decided that she’s going to fix the lights according to University standards; due to the budget cuts, the University stated that lights should only be on 2/3 of the way (there are 3 halogen tubes per light fixture.

This is wasting TOO much money !!!

This is wasting TOO much money !!!

As soon as Mrs Mack explains the situation and asks if the lights bothered me, “Mr. Asian man” decides he’s gonna go and turn ON the lights back to full brightness. He complains that he can’t see at all and he’s playing his accent up extra (believe me, I hear him on the phone often enough to know the “levels” of his accent”)

Mrs Mack tries to get him a lamp to help him out, but “It’s not enough” the lamp apparently can’t fit anywhere for him…

This man is COMPLAINING about the lights and the lamp !!!

so for now, we’re back to full lights… Come ON 4pm !!!


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