Family Hustlers

May 8, 2009


How is it that I BARELY graduated from college, and already family is calling trying to get my “help”

I’m all for helping family; I really am, but REALLY???

My uncle calls me @ 10:40pm from an unrecognized number. At first I didn’t want to answer, but I figured it was a family member.

First he spends the first close to 45 minutes talking around and around trying not to give me his identity and “pitch” me Internet ideas. After the charades went away,we started talking… about his “businesses” =/

Which was funny because mid conversation he suggested that I find another field of work (Medicine) so that I will have a job that won’t be outsourced. I get what he’s trying to say, but don’t try to use my “current skills” for your own money.

I posted a status on facebook wondering why this was happening. I expressed my sadness in being unable to just shut this all down.  pinkrose16 chimed in with her own opinion.

she felt that “Its easier to trick green, fresh out of college family members into doin something with you. Especially when they have the whole “older respect” power over you (uncle, aunt, grandparent, parent) “

In all honesty, I agree with her. The whole time I was talking to him, he kept reminding me about how I’m a “college graduate” and I “know so much about these things” and how “inexperienced” he is with this.  A friend of mine chimed in and thought that maybe I was being pessimistic from the start.

not gonna lie, I’ve heard my fair share of pyramid schemes and I’m still not down. I also tried to let my uncle know that I wasn’t interested, but for some reason he felt he could keep talking to me about it =/

My phone “died” after almost 2hrs of talk. I really don’t want to deal with this. Why is it family members try to talk you into every “get rich quick” scheme they stumble upon. If I knew that graduating from college would but a bulls-eye on my back for these I would have told Momma Blogmaster to NOT tell the family. =/

Am I over-reacting? am I an ungrateful nephew ? in all honesty, I might have heard from him once or twice since I came to college; but now he wants my advice on some websites of his? I think not.

*I would like to apologize for the lack of polish on this blog… just slightly frustrated and tired.

Monday 25

May 4, 2009

*I would like to officially apologize for having the blog post so late into the day. I had a meeting about my financial future, then I went to go see a movie. *

Thanks to Disney for that mini history lesson about this traditional song. This is the first Monday of being a graduate of THE Florida State University. My heart and mind has pretty much went on vacation from all of the “events” of the past 2 weeks. Here’s what you might have missed since last week:

The rest of the week was filled with me studying and taking finals. Hopefully, I did well enough to NOT take classes over the summer !!! Graduation itself was quite the event, and it wasn’t without it’s blog worthy moments. I intentionally planned on giving graduation it’s own special post… but then I decided to give everyone a lot to read today !!!

My parents came into town for this big event. The first big event was my mom’s discovery of my new potential merger (kudos to everyone who figured it out, and “better luck next time” for those who didn’t ). That in itself took a good 15 minutes; but when Mom found out… she was mappy (mad + happy after a Fusion Dance)  and she didn’t want to speak to anyone because of the secrecy… Dad knew also, and said nothing, but that’s besides the point. Saturday Morning, we attempted to show them the new Blogmaster lair, but unfortunately, there were no available models. We then went to the Graduation Ceremony; if you weren’t there, or didn’t see it here, let me summarize it for you 🙂

My feet had no choice but to get comfortable.

My feet had no choice but to get comfortable.

As I sat in my chair and waited for the Doctoral students to march in, I started to notice it was an unbearably long line. Personally, I’m all for success and accolades of fellow students, but can we move this along please??? I also noticed that T.K Wetherall was unable to speak this afternoon. for some reason… his words didn’t quite come out correctly. You can tell my family was from the Caribbean since they didn’t laugh at ANY of the Florida State Jokes. I can tell they weren’t laughing because I was able to see them from my sit… they were right in front of me. Do you KNOW what it’s like to have the family NOT laughing at the school jokes? I think I’m going to have Bobby drop by and visit them…

I know my parents were happy that I was finally graduating, but I’m sure they would have liked if I stood during the announcements of degrees with distinction, but B’s & C’s get degrees is all I have to say about that !!! This was supposed to be filed under graduation mobile moments, but I was really unhappy with my cap not fitting me. Somehow they gave me the wrong size !!! I was able to switch a really good friend, and although some relief was provided, the cap was STILL too small.

My eye was  constantly attacked by the tassel. Even after I switched the tassel to the other side… the tassel was relentless !!!

Coolest part of the ceremony? the speaker timed himself. He promised he wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, and as a man of his word; he did.

Quote to take home: “Love will not buy your son the GI Joe with the Kung-Fu grip.”

The Swine flu scare has made it’s way to Town: there are hand sanitizers on the way up to shaking the hands of the dean  and president. ( FAMU had an even bigger scare; they were handing out masks, and pretty much no one shook hands as they crossed the stage)

After watching this whole ceremony I have decided that if and when I go back for another Degree, I shall have them call me D. Blogmaster. As I cross the stage, I shall do what ever dance is out at that time. I think they owe me for BUTCHERING my name .  (p.s. ma’am… GET YOUR CHILD)

Graduation Eve

May 1, 2009
That will be me in a few Hours !!!

That will be me in a few Hours !!! minus the jacket, chain, and record...

Hello Everyone !!!

This is the night before Graduation, and I thought I would post some updates:

The parents are in town, and they are ready for me to walk across the stage. I ended up only needing 3 tickets after all; it’s a lot like the BCS, somehow that system “usually” works itself out.

Here is the link for My Graduation Ceremony, Enjoy !!!

Here is the link for the 9am Ceremony !!!

Congratulations to ALL of the graduates !!!

Graduation Mobile Moment 2

April 23, 2009

As of now, it seems like everything is in order for Graduation.

  • My NY family is working on getting plane tickets and such.
  • My FL  family is just about ready to arrive.
  • I am on the verge of passing all of my classes (Most important !!!)

I am still pretty anxious. My heartbeat has been an extra 10 beats per minute, and my stomach isn’t quite sure if it likes food any more not.  The food stays down, it’s a matter of convincing my stomach I’m actually hungry.