I love Chili’s

So I took a well deserved “study break” tonight; and went to chili’s with some friends; we were also sending off a co-worker, you will be missed Beaded Curtains.

It is an AMAZING thing that someone reserved a table…  (Thanks again,  BC)
Tonight they were packed to capacity for no good reason, and we got there in good timing, because the next “group” that came in after us was very upset…
Apparently, it was little Nae-nae’s birthday (for the record that hopefully wasn’t here real name, and she was at most a year old, so she’s not going to remember the cake, or how long you waited on the phone on the way to Chili’s…) and they were on hold for 13 mins. (they walked in on their iPhone for theatrics) and they kept talking about how “unacceptable” things were, and how there was such “poor service”.

Personally, I think 1. they were trying to over-hype a situation just so they could get a free martini and 2. “unacceptable” must have been that lady’s “Word of the Day” (at the time of this post, the word of the day was “Lothario” )

I really felt sorry for the young lady who was the hostess, because she tried so hard make things right, it also seemed like they cut her walkie-talkie, because for some reason, none of the managers came when she called….

As I watched “The group” get taken to their seats I came up with this question: who thought it would be a good idea to give the shortest woman in the group the “almost twice her size” sheet cake??? I’m just saying, there were other able-bodies who could carry it 

Moving on, We got to our seats @ 6:44

Dinner in itself was great. The food was great, the people were great. The lights dimmed more that needed =/ jokes were shared, stories were told, we all had a wonderful time. Maybe next time we’ll Diner Dash.

Lessons learned:
Fries are expected with burgers. I never really thought the 2 came separate at restaurants honestly. 

I have great taste in food

So does my GF… I guess

Before I left, I got a Christmas gift early… 

it was fudge.

no no, the good kind, it’s a DIY mix 🙂 (Thanks Ms. Banana) 

That’s all I have for tonight…

Once again, Beaded Curtain, thanks for the laughs, we will miss you.


2 Responses to I love Chili’s

  1. MellownMighty says:

    I would think they were packed because of graduation.
    Personally, I think both of you have good taste in food. Country-fried steak is awesome!

    BTW, that snobby group can kick rocks because it’s people like them that make everyone else have craptastic service.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    You would think so, but it didn’t give off a “Graduation” Vibe…

    Upon Further Review, the steak was actually tasty, but I still enjoyed the ribs more.

    Oh, and that “snobby” group… You might want to move a few letters around… I Think you were trying to spell “We’re trying to mimic our favorite TV star: Keyshia Cole & Family” and yes, I think Frankie was there… but younger 😦

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