Free Ribs ’09

May 16, 2009

This space is reserved  for anything that might happen while I’m out getting free ribs.

It is 8:10 am, and I am getting ready to leave my house.

I get here at 9:18 and there are already about 20 people out here. I had plans on getting here earlier, but someones phone died.

Moving on, I would like to take this time to mention that Shane’s Rib Shack actually doesn’t open until 11am. There was a lot more publicity for the event, and there were more people here I think.
MellownMighty got here 925, and another 4 people arrive by 9:30.

Oh and I would like to give the “hater of the year” award to the lady who wouldn’t let MnM skip, I don’t think it was that big of a deal for ONE person to skip, but then again I had food at home.

About 9:40 the Manager steps out and says that they will hand out the shirts at 10:20 …

Apparently there’s a rumor that the fliers mentioned free sides… I see a fallout on the horizon something very similar to…

So to ms hater I have a question… So since u left the line and your husband in line, are we allowed to tell you not to cut the line ?

Speaking of line cuts… This is getting a little out of hand. I counted at least 4…

A storm is brewing…

10:13 and it’s a healthy line, not quite 100

It’s 1020 and no sign of the shirts…
People are still in good spirits and no fights or arguments broke out.

Shirt distribution started at 10:29

Bloggers need ribs too !!!

Bloggers need ribs too !!!

I got 29 ( I was 11 last year )

MnM was 31, and she actually almost didn’t get a shirt, the owner kinda looked over her…

My super cool camera man was # 30
and his Arab Money homeboy was #28

Mr and Mrs hater were #s 26 and 27 respectively because we let them skip so the four of us could eat together.
Last shirt of the first wave was # 88 at 10:33

LOL @ a blond getting #69 and not getting why everyone wanted her picture…

Yup... and she has a kid, she insisted on telling us that.

Yup... and she has a kid, she insisted on telling us that.

Shirt #100 given out at 10:40am

I had to out run my friend for this shirt. He's got more money, he'll be ok

I had to out run my friend for this shirt. He's got more money, he'll be ok

5 people promptly show up afterwards  looking for shirts, my condolences to their stomachs and wallets…

I would like to know why people expected to show up 20 minutes before the place opened and expected to get a T-shirt; You should have woken up early like this guy:

I heard he was at the Rib Shack from about 6 or 7am

I heard he was at the Rib Shack from about 6 or 7am

Special shout out to my ribs photographer for taking a bunch of the pictures today.

He also gave me a ride to the Rib-Shack.

He also gave me a ride to the Rib-Shack.

I Would like to take this time to state that I do NOT sound like this guy I don’t care WHAT my photographer thinks. For the most part, it’s been pretty peaceful out here, no fights, no arguments, no one got hit with a bottle

A news crew arrives 10:53… You’ve already been scooped by an amazing blogger. If you’re in the Tallahassee area, check ABC news around 6:30pm I might be on…

*Edit: I actually went ahead and recorded the news report; I think I did a better job talking about the event. That’s what happens when you arrive late. Enjoy. *

No, that is NOT me eating before the young male who is talking about the free ribs and pool parties; i’m pretty sure it’s him.

From what I gathered, there were about 10 people out here from last year.

shame on # 22 for wanting to be on the 6:30 news for this event; I hope he isn’t asked for his opinion on the other Free Food situation…

And a bigger “shame on you” for the news guy trying to get in the personal space of everyone while they’re trying to eat. I understand that there is probably NOTHING else going on in town right now; but please sir, respect the boundaries of everyone trying to eat Free Ribs.

Funny quotes of the day:

“Aww, Sorry Ms. Becky maybe next year dear” – #36. She said that for EVERY white girl that didn’t get free ribs.

“put THAT in your blog ” – MnM

and “I didnt’ get my Ribs !!!” – My photographer planned on saying this after we all ate to see if he could get more ribs…

I didn't get my Ribs !!!

I didn't get my Ribs !!!

With a full stomach and a plate of empty bones, I must say I truly enjoyed myself. They reminded me that no matter WHERE I go, their ribs will reign supreme.

I noticed that the crowd was very diverse: I didn’t see any Asian people or any Hispanics. MnM said she saw 2 Asian people… I thought everyone liked ribs. (slightly NSFW)

And a thunderstorm starts to end the event. We end up leaving at 11:47.

Free Ribs !!!

April 13, 2009

I wanted to be the FIRST person to break this news:

on May 16th, 2009 Shane’s Rib Shack will be giving free ribs to the first 100 people to show up !!!
Ms. Blogmaster and I went Last year, and we were #10 & #11 respectively.

I want to pass this news on to all of my readers, so they too can have free Ribs…

Just one thing; If any of my friends manage to get to the place before I do… (I plan on being there early) please feel free to give your friendly blogmaster a Line Skip :). If I happen to be there before my friends, I will give a Line Skip to the FIRST person who gets there and tells me that they read about the event on my line*

I will be reminding you again as the event gets closer.

*This offer can and will be revoked if I am past the first 80. I love my readers, but I will NOT give up free ribs for you.

p.s. I’m still working on this afternoon’s Probate, I’ll try to have it up tonight.