Monday 35

July 13, 2009


Is it Monday already ???

The weekends seem to just speed through…

Since Last Week, I had one big blog discussion on here talking about the “Gentlemigga“. It’s been a while since I wrote such a popular blog; I almost forgot what it felt like. Saturday was the Probate for Zeta Phi Beta Sororority Inc. over at FSU. I want to say congratulations to those new ladies; I didn’t see the show because I had a prior engagement, but I heard it was good. If anyone has pictures/video let me know because I’d like to see it.

I think my allergies have gotten better. I’m not sure if it’s the claritin or not…

Moving day is getting closer…

I’ve been really busy over at Platform Nation. If you are a video game fan, you should check them out.

This week, if you say “Malts and Shakes” you get a free topping over at OneFresh Stir-Fry.

I feel like I should be talking about something else…

I’ve been purposely avoiding the recent deaths of all the celebrities. Personally, there are PLENTY of resources out there for each of those untimely deaths, there’s no need for my 2 cents. My thoughts and prayers go out to the respective families.

NCAA Football 2010 comes out this week. I’m currently debating if I should start doing “news reports” about that again… A lot of people were confused last year, so I’ll think about it.

The new Harry Potter movie comes out this week also; I’m thinking about going to the midnight showing from a journalistic point of view. I’m all too curious to see how many people will dress up as their favorite character.

wingardium leviosa !!!

Wingardium Leviosa !!!

That’s all I have for today. I didn’t see all of TrueBlood last night. I plan on watching it tonight.

Oh… and if you haven’t, PLEASE see “The Hangover”. That is all.


Monday 26

May 11, 2009

It’s the Monday after Mother’s Day; I would like to take this time to say Thank you to all the Mothers, Grand-Mothers, God-Mothers, and Mother-figures out there doing what they can to shape the future movers and shakers of the world…

I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging this week; I’m sorry, I’ve just been enjoying my vacation. I’ve also been playing a lot of NCAA Football with my Online Dynasty. We acquired a new coach, he’s going to be in charge of NC State. Personally, I’m not doing as great as I’d like to be going into my conference play (1 – 2) Hopefully I can run through the Pac-10 unscathed and at least make it to the Rose Bowl. Let me take this time to remind everyone that this is all done on a Video Game. We all have Playstation 3’s and we all play NCAA Football against each other, like the real College football teams, only computerized.

The only thing I vented wrote about was my Uncle trying to get me to buy into an Online Pyramid Scheme. Other than that, the week’s been cool.

My dad’s Birthday was on Saturday. He turned 40, and I gave him a call to wish him a Happy Birthday. He’s been a great Dad to me, even through all my shenanigans.

This is a friendly reminder that THIS SATURDAY is FREE RIBS Day @ Shane’s Rib-shack. I would like to let all of my readers know one thing: PLEASE do NOT treat this place like KFC  !!!  this offer is available to the FIRST 100 patrons; not 104, not 117, 100.

My Birthday is 10 9 days away… Soon to be Mrs. Blogmaster says she has something special planned. I’m hoping it’s a PSP. or a new T.V.

and that’s about it.

*edit* Did you know that one of my Favorite cartoons growing up was the Transformers?

Just thought i’d let you know.

Oh wait…  If you are reading this right now, you are super clever, give yourself a pat on the back. Here’s the date for the wedding, I’ll try to give more details later.


Monday 19

March 23, 2009

Happy Monday everyone. Even though I woke up a little later than I planned, I’m actually feeling
pretty good.

As always, let’s start off with what you may have missed last week.

  • I give a little advice, got an AWESOME coupon from a friend, and tell about an upcoming opportunity.
  • I ask poets to send me some of their work.

That was about it for last week. Sometimes I have busy weeks here, sometimes… not so much.

**Ncaa Dynasty results **

Cal beats ECU in their rematch from the National Championship 31-21 thanks to a late game 85yd INT for a TD. Illinois had a romp against LA Tech, and USF handles UCF in the battle of I-4. This week Cal and and Illinois have bye-weeks, and ECU and USF meet. USF is currently undefeated and ECU is hungry for a win; who is walking away with the win ???

**end of Dynasty results**

This week, get a free drink at One fresh when you say “I know 1”.   How is your March Madness Bracket looking? Mine? it could be better…  FSU let me down pretty badly, I guessed they were going to the Sweet 16, but Wisconsin wasn’t hearing that.  I was still able to select 12 of the sweet 16-ers; Don’t let me down guys.

Well, like I said previously, I met Salt’s “better half” this week; Honestly? I’m pretty neutral about him. I don’t “dislike” him, but I don’t “like” him either; Just really neutral about him. Not sure if that’s a good thing… I’ll just keep an eye on him.

Not much else is going on this week, still trying to gather some poetry for my soon coming poetry corner. I’m not sure what I’m doing with it yet, it could just be a place for poets to get their stuff read. Maybe have themes every once in a while… maybe even turn it into a contest.  Seriously, if you or anyone you know is a poet; send me an email with your work. Rules and regulations for this entry can be found here.

Talk about FISH sightings; I wake up to a Fish advertising a massage service: $15 for males and ladies. She is certified and license so it’s not one of those “Shady Craigslist” things…  She also offers a $5 bonus for guys; I’m not sure what it is though; but she insists it’s not a “happy ending” well, I trust her :). If you need her contact info, lemme know. Maybe you’ll get a discount if you tell her I sent you… *maybe*

Listening to Steve Harvey’s Radio show…  there was a guy who essentially was talking about the need for black people to stop blaming everything on “the man”. Yes, in certain situations, we are ill-equipped/represented; but “the man” isn’t the one on the corner selling drugs, robbing your fellow man, and impregnating every women being “loose” with every woman they shake hands with. We as a people need to do better.

**This  blog has been spell-checked once for accuracy**

Monday 17

March 9, 2009

It’s Spring Break !!! 

but I’m at work… *sighs*

fortunately, it’s only today and tomorrow. I was originally going to work Wednesday also… but that fell through as soon as I walked in the office. Do you have plans? take lots of pictures for me. 

Last week, I only posted on Monday, and Friday. I had a mobile moment, but I didn’t post it fast enough. so here it is:

So I’m in line at the lights place… I happen to see the line diva again; being diva-like as usual…

Someone get this kid!!! I am standing in front of this 7-year old who wants to get “Michelle” shaved into his head.
If his momma has her way, he’d get a Mohawk

Really? I remember getting MY name in my hair when I was younger… But a girls name? Which part of the game is that?

This weekend Season 2 of “The Dynasty” will be starting. It’s not too late to jump in; send me an email.

Cal lost the National Championship by way of a late INT, and they are hungry for revenge. Will they be able to finish the job this year? Will they MAKE it to the big show this year? 

ECU won the National Championship, and look to be repeats; Can they pull it off again? or was it a fluke: the pollsters seem to think so by leaving them unranked for the preseason

USF had an undefeated Season and looks to repeat and possibly getting into the National Championship. Can they do it with playing a powerful FSU at home? 

Illinois obtained a  new coach during the off-season and will try to become coach of the year; with their extra tough schedule, will they survive? 

This year, the 4 coaches have agreed to play each other in a round about playoff situation amongst themselves: If one coach comes through undefeated, his team will deserve to be in the national championship. If everyone loses here and there, there will be QUITE the debate this year. 

and Finally… I mentioned Friday about how a friend of mine has joined the blogging world. Today, I would like to officially introduce the world my readers to “A Blind Mind“. Words will not be able to describe the mental ride you all will be in for; just stay tuned and be entertained. I’ll more than likely give summarry wrap ups on what I read over there to remind you all. He’s also been added to my list of blogs to the right so you can find him faster. Enjoy.

Monday Post 15

February 23, 2009

Well, It’s Monday and you know what that means – Weekly update !!!

As always, here’s what you might have missed since last week:

So, this weekend, “Salt & Pepper” spent the weekend at my house. Pepper goes to school further south, and decided she wanted to get together with Salt for a reunion tour. Salt unfortunately was sick, so we didn’t do too much, but the things we did, we had fun. 

For example, we checked out the Black Actor’s Guild performance of “Stream of Unconsciousness” which was a bunch of skits, and the order they were performed were determined by the crowd. To avoid “bias” in voting, the names of the skits were kept cryptic, and the audience had to shout out numbers (much like the price is right) for the hosts to determine the next skit.

In all honesty, I enjoyed the performance. The skits were good, the performers were great. Shout-Out to the “Dad” who shook some sense into his daughter for “ruining her life”. He played that part very well. oh and #16 was DEFINITELY the best skit. 

That was about all we did this weekend. Other than that, we hung out at home, and went to the mall; everyone had a great time (I Guess) maybe next time Salt & Pepper get together everyone will be healthy, and I can show them around town. 

This week starts the new “year” of NCAA Dynasty. Once again, if you’re a PS3 Owner, and you want in on this Online Dynasty, get in contact with me.  If you say “are you doing your best”  at One Fresh Stir-fry, you get a sushi sample. 

That’s about all I have for now; M. Bison is threatening to hit me with a Psycho Crusher if I don’t get to work

P.s. the purpose of the links in the story are for you to check them out and either get a laugh, or educated on certain topics.  So please; get the clicking !!!

Dynasty Championship

February 21, 2009

After a VERY long break… our National Championship between Cal and ECU finally took place. Who would remain unbeaten between these two titans? only 4 quarters of football can decided that.

I score first within the the opening :11 on a run to the right

ECU works their way down the field to score on a QB sneak. Tie Game.

I lose my RB on an option

2 forced punts later i score again 14-7

QB sneak ties the game again

ECU goes up after halftime 

Late push for a td puts them up 

and a rushed decision late INT costs me any chance of a comback, and the final score is 35-21. 

Both teams played a good game,  and next season will be Electrifying.

Still can’t believe I threw that pass.

Well, for “next season” half of twelvin will join the ring as the head coach of Illinos, and the battle for supremacy starts all over again. It’s still not too late to join in on this. Send me an email with your PSN ID and I can add you (Assuming I know you)

Congratulations to East Carolina University 2009 National Champions.

Monday Post X !!!

January 19, 2009

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the TENTH Monday Post in my blog’s Existence. Everyone seems to love and look forward to these Mondays, so I shall continue to provide what you need/want.

Here’s what you might have missed last week.

A talented guy with a lot of time on his hands who is really dedicated to his art, pays homage to one of my favorite Video Games.

Financial Aid Fairy Renegade came and gave “presents” to the good little boys & girls.

I received a very Mysterious Box.

I then found out what was in the box with 10 9 special ladies.

The city of  “Blogestonia” was under a  state of emergency

And to wrap things up from last week, I had an Eye openinig experience with a barbershop and some geese Ducks.

Last night I went to a party at the club. It was alright, but it made me realize that maybe I’m getting too old for the club… or that I need to roll 20 deep to have a good time… that, and I need to listen to more Soulja Boy.

(by the way, Has anyone seen the DVD he keeps talking about?)

oh, and This Guy.  Will the owners promoters Parents of these kids PLEASE cut this out??? and it’s not just them, it’s almost everyone, including her too (Guys are just as guilty).  Since when was it ok for THIS ???

Ok, i’m not a hater… and I am all for kids having fun and being active… but really

*yes, I do realize i’m extending their “15 minutes” but… I’m just concerned is all. 

*takes a deep breath* Ok, New topic.

Twelven joined the PS3 fold this weekend *fanfare* which means we have 1 (possibly 2) new coaches for the Dynasty. However, I can’t add them until We play that National Championship (Cal & ECU) which I have JUST been notified will be played this Friday @ 8pm. May the best coach win.

Extrav The Battle of the Gods Stepshow is this Saturday, did you get your ticket yet?

This week, If you go to One Fresh Stir fry and say “Whooping Crane” you can get a free topping. I love that place 🙂

And finally,

As some of you might have noticed

I changed the page layout. it’s a new year, so I guess it’s time for a new layout.

What do  you think? do you like it? or should I go back to the original ? leave a comment  with your honest opinion.