Monday/Tuesday 38

August 4, 2009

First off, I want to tell all of my fans that I am sorry for not having a Blog yesterday.

As many of you know I moved over the weekend (which was an adventure in itself) to a bigger place. We’ve gotten everything unpacked except for a few boxes with random computer parts. I think Computer parts are going to be the “junk” in my garage when I become a Dad. Growing up, and even today there are car parts and random tools in my dad’s garage; but for me, I’ll have a bunch of computer parts… sign of the times? Maybe. My dad and his friends talk carborators and fuel injectors; My friends talk PS3’s and NCAA Football. Is there a point where we start talking cars and thermostats ?

Well, at some point right after the move, we (I) lost the car keys :(. So, Monday we spent the day getting that handled. We also had to deal with Comcast; apparently yesterday was “Migrate to Comcast” day, because it seemed like a good portion of town was at the office. Even after we got the new equipment from them, the actual service didn’t kick in until later that night; I was without real Internet (thank God for the iPhone)  for almost 4 days. Do you know how much can happen on the Internet in four days ???

As you may have read, all I’ve done on the blog was my Previous Monday’s entry. I’ve had plenty on my plate this summer with the Job and Platform Nation. I’m starting to get the hang of how things work over there. Make sure you’re reading my articles and making me popular 🙂

If you say “1 Fresh” at 1 Fresh Stir-Fry, you’ll get a free drink with your order.

True Blood. Yeah, just watch it; there isn’t much else I need to say about it.

There is something that’s disturbing me. It deals with the little black girls of America, and their parents.

You think THIS is bad???

There was a video that I saw on (it has been removed at the time of this blog; it’s like the article never existed…) let’s just say the things I saw the little girls were doing I’ve only saw done at Reggae Parties…The following video probably isn’t safe for work…

But this video is a pretty accurate representation of what those girls (no more than 11) were doing.

What is going on with our community ???

There were at LEAST two adults at this party (1 of them taping the spectacle) and NO one decided to stop this. Why? WHY is this acceptable ? why is it no one snatched these kids up ??? I understand that they are watching adults do this and mimic what they see, but really ??? what ever happened to keeping kids innocent ? I’m not going to start telling people HOW to raise their children, I’m just saying.

Monday 17

March 9, 2009

It’s Spring Break !!! 

but I’m at work… *sighs*

fortunately, it’s only today and tomorrow. I was originally going to work Wednesday also… but that fell through as soon as I walked in the office. Do you have plans? take lots of pictures for me. 

Last week, I only posted on Monday, and Friday. I had a mobile moment, but I didn’t post it fast enough. so here it is:

So I’m in line at the lights place… I happen to see the line diva again; being diva-like as usual…

Someone get this kid!!! I am standing in front of this 7-year old who wants to get “Michelle” shaved into his head.
If his momma has her way, he’d get a Mohawk

Really? I remember getting MY name in my hair when I was younger… But a girls name? Which part of the game is that?

This weekend Season 2 of “The Dynasty” will be starting. It’s not too late to jump in; send me an email.

Cal lost the National Championship by way of a late INT, and they are hungry for revenge. Will they be able to finish the job this year? Will they MAKE it to the big show this year? 

ECU won the National Championship, and look to be repeats; Can they pull it off again? or was it a fluke: the pollsters seem to think so by leaving them unranked for the preseason

USF had an undefeated Season and looks to repeat and possibly getting into the National Championship. Can they do it with playing a powerful FSU at home? 

Illinois obtained a  new coach during the off-season and will try to become coach of the year; with their extra tough schedule, will they survive? 

This year, the 4 coaches have agreed to play each other in a round about playoff situation amongst themselves: If one coach comes through undefeated, his team will deserve to be in the national championship. If everyone loses here and there, there will be QUITE the debate this year. 

and Finally… I mentioned Friday about how a friend of mine has joined the blogging world. Today, I would like to officially introduce the world my readers to “A Blind Mind“. Words will not be able to describe the mental ride you all will be in for; just stay tuned and be entertained. I’ll more than likely give summarry wrap ups on what I read over there to remind you all. He’s also been added to my list of blogs to the right so you can find him faster. Enjoy.

Respect Your Elders?

February 5, 2009

Growing up, you are always taught to respect your elders.

Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins older than you by 3 years, the nice old lady with the old candy and smelled like Moth balls… 

Didn’t matter. If they were older than you, you were to show them the UTMOST of respect. 

Ever notice that these people never quite showed YOU any respect?

You might not have noticed it when you were younger, but as you made your way into Adulthood, and eagerly anticipated all the responsibilities power that came with being an adult, there was something missing…


Not just from the younger kids (because lets face it, they have NO home training)  

but from Adults. 

Especially Older Adults (Senior Citizens and such) 

Earlier today, I was in class with 1 half of twelvin; She got the attendance sheet for me since we came to class late.

I was also talking to our professor about an assignment that was due this evening, and out of no where “Madea” came and asked for the Attendance sheet

I’m sorry, “asked” isn’t the correct term. 

I was looking for something more like “reached across twelvin’s body to get the sheet as she asked for it at the same time.”

As Twelvin tried to defend herself she handed me the sheet and I was getting ready to sign as the teacher was wrapping it up. Madea then inSISted that the sheet be given to her so she could sign it.

I would like to take this time to mention that no “peer” would have tried something like that; We respect each other, and know how to wait our turns.

Madea? not so much. 

Instead of starting a situation in front of our teacher (and going against home training) we yielded and handed her the sheet, keeping a close eye to make sure the sheet didn’t disappear to the other side of the classroom.

As Twelvin and I were leaving we both mentioned that if “Madea” was in fact our age, we wouldn’t have reacted so passively. 

Is it just us? I’m afraid not.

This evening as I was stalking people looking for funny Facebook Statuses, I came across this:

R.R. –  understands you’re suppose to respect old people but I’m sorry some of them deserve to be cursed the hell out…

Naturally, I was intrigued, so I decided to investigate…

the 2 gentleman who responded both agreed with the Original Poster (OP). 

the next friend then warned of being physically reprimanded for insolence smacked for being rude. 

As I read this status discussion, it made me wonder “Do older people lack respect ?” 

I hit the interwebs, and asked a couple good friends about this.

One person felt that 

 “the elders do, possibly because they think that they know everything due to their advanced age.

wisdom and knowledge are frequently confused

I never looked at it like that; confusing Wisdom and Knowledge

Another person felt that

” Generations don’t respect each other.. the old don’t respect the young and the young don’t respect the old. They (older generation) don’t understand the new generation and simply write us off as deviants.. not respecting or trying to understand us”

This seems to be a common theme that I’ve personally noticed; just because we’re younger, they automatically write us off as a waste of space.

Another Reader felt that 

“Since older people  had to earn it themselves, they just don’t give it out… I see that a lot especially in churches”

This was a REALLY good point. Growing up in church, I’ve personally noticed that the fancier the hat, the less respect they have for the young.

but WHY ?

I thought about maybe interviewing some older people about this; but… I’m afraid I’d have to end the interview early.

What are your thoughts? do you think older people have respect?

and if not, why not? 

Let’s talk about it.