Graduation Eve

May 1, 2009
That will be me in a few Hours !!!

That will be me in a few Hours !!! minus the jacket, chain, and record...

Hello Everyone !!!

This is the night before Graduation, and I thought I would post some updates:

The parents are in town, and they are ready for me to walk across the stage. I ended up only needing 3 tickets after all; it’s a lot like the BCS, somehow that system “usually” works itself out.

Here is the link for My Graduation Ceremony, Enjoy !!!

Here is the link for the 9am Ceremony !!!

Congratulations to ALL of the graduates !!!

Graduation Mobile Moment 2

April 23, 2009

As of now, it seems like everything is in order for Graduation.

  • My NY family is working on getting plane tickets and such.
  • My FL ¬†family is just about ready to arrive.
  • I am on the verge of passing all of my classes (Most important !!!)

I am still pretty anxious. My heartbeat has been an extra 10 beats per minute, and my stomach isn’t quite sure if it likes food any more not. ¬†The food stays down, it’s a matter of convincing my stomach I’m actually hungry.