Monday 29

June 1, 2009

**editor’s note: This is post # 200 for the blog. I just want to thank all of my fellow posters, and more importantly all of the readers who keep encouraging me to go forward with this blog. Thanks. **

It’s the first of the month ūüôā AND it’s the first Monday !!!

So you get a SUPER UPDATE from the entire month of May today !!!

This is just a reminder that you are SUPPOSED to check the links in each of these blogs. They have purpose; I promise.

  • My first post of the month was dedicated to Graduation Eve.
  • Then I posted a Graduation Review that Monday.
  • I then got upset soon afterwards since an Uncle wanted me to join him in an online pyramid scheme.
  • I initially hid my Wedding Date here while discussing other things for the 2nd Monday.
  • Shane’s Rib shack had a battle with Sticky Fingers in my first “Battle of the Ribs“.
  • Free Ribs were given to the first 100 people @ Shane’s.
  • I hinted about the wedding date again, and talked about some other things going on in life.
  • I asked the public for their top 5 MCs in rap. I still don’t think Lil’ Wayne belongs in that list.
  • I went to Jacksonville, FL and had a really interesting time.
  • There was a points scandal at a local Family Feud event.
  • I had my Birthday Blog and talked about the events of that day.
  • I finally released the date of the wedding in this blog.
  • I had some free Steak and Lobster and it was wonderful.
  • I got a beautiful baby girl for my birthday… the thing is, it’s not MY daughter; but I did promise her a Steak and Lobster dinner when she turns five.

Whew, this was quite the update. Thanks for reading through them all !!!

As you may have heard; I’m definitely putting articles out on the Video Game Blog I’m interning with. They definitely force me to use my real name, but I am trying to be famous.

Here are the articles I’ve done so far for them.

Please read my articles; if you like them, comment on them. The more they get read the better it is for me. I even went ahead and added their site my to my Blogroll, they are an upcoming video game blog and I like the angle they bring to the sea of video game blogs.

OK, so I went home to where my family resides for my Dad’s “Surprise” Birthday party. Apparently, it wasn’t just for him. My mom thought it would be cute to slip the graduation and engagement into the celebration… It might have been adorable if I didn’t figure it out in advanced. Things weren’t quite adding up as we got closer, so my Spidey Senses were tingling. I acted surprised as best as possible, but my oh so sharp sisters knew better.

While I was at this party (which was held in the rec room of a church) I am pretty much SURROUNDED by people I don’t know. If there were 60-70 people there and I was getting married to one of them, and related to another 11, I might have known/recognized 3 people ? Everyone else were Church members that my parents and siblings all grew to love and such. The food was pretty good; I had to take some food back with me. I even thought about having the chef cater the wedding…

As I sat there and introduced myself, and got to listen to each of these people; there was one specific person who shall be known as “The Soul Catcher” (or TSC for short).

For some reason, The Soul Catcher kept trying to witness to me, and bring me to God. Not once, or twice, ¬†but Thrice !!! I mean here I am trying to enjoy this party that my family threw for me (partially) and here you are trying to lead my lost soul back to the lord. I’m not claiming to be a saint, nor am I saying I’m as close to God as some; but I’m not a heathen either =/

It was brought to my attention that I am on the church’s “Most prayed for because they are ¬†a heathen, poor, or both” list. I’m all for getting prayer, but momma blogmaster, did you have to put my sinful ways on blast?

Wedding plans are moving along nicely. We’re picking all sorts of stuff; I feel productive. I promised the fiancee that I wouldn’t be the type of groom who just got his tux and showed up at the church. I’ve been true to my word.

Unfortunately, I’ve been given a gag order on specific details. ¬†*sadface*

I’m still working on my guest list; I honestly don’t know why this is so difficult…

What’s in the Box ?

January 14, 2009


This picture was taken moments before he met his end. This box went on quite the journey yesterday.

After picking the box up from “G.S. Padawan” I walked with the box all over campus, and everywhere I went people would ask: “What’s in the box?” ¬†Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to answer them. Any of them.¬†

So, I met the girls at the designated location last night to deliver the box into their possession. The main condition being all 10 fish  arrived to the place.

Unfortunately, only 9 of the 10 were in attendance. The conditions were if all 10 weren’t in attendance, the box went home with me unopened. However, the birthday girl decided she was going to override the conditions of the box.¬†

Birthday Girl? Oh yes, the location for exchange turned into a celebration. 21 years ago, #9 decided she was going to swim out into the big ocean known as life, and make her presence known. (BIG thanks to this site for that tip !) Even though the location took forever to seat 22, and even longer to feed us, we had a lot of fun that night. 

So what was in there? what on earth could be inside this parcel that had me risk being arrested on campus?

Why, a T-Shirt of course.

Not just 1 T-shirt, but 10 T-shirts !!! 

Yes, Santa has brought to these 10 9 fishes Line Shirts. 

I guess he thought they were all good girls, and wanted them to look uniform

like a line SHOULD look, as opposed to…¬† *

So now, my young box & grey fish, you have reached the end of your journey. What a job you had: to protect and transport a gift more valuable than your own life. Well done box, Well done.



*¬†(The author of this¬†blog¬†is not out to purposely embarrass any groups intentionally, but only within the context of the blog, believe me some groups do it all on their own. OK, YES they WERE pretty uniform… but, yeah…)