First off, I just want to say Thank you to Fish #5

Today, I received Part 2 of my gifts. 

I first received a Hand-Made Pillow (that will NEVER be used; I’m putting it somewhere safe)

and a Friendship bracelet !!! 

Personally, I’m concerned that there are flowers in my bracelet… makes it awkward to wear =/ 

but besides that; I love it. 

Thank You again for the gift :). It was an honor and a gift in itself to “give advice” to all 12 10 9 of you Intelligently Lovely Ladies whenever I could. Not gonna lie, we  had some fun.

4 Responses to Gifts

  1. pescados número 5 says:

    Aww no problem. I was thinking the same thing about the flowers, however you know their importance to us. Love you 00!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hampers says:

    Nice blog. Expecting the picture of your gifts in your upcoming blog. Cheers 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Friendship bracelet looks very nice – nice gift 🙂

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