Audio Crack or Wack ?

April 15, 2009

Disclaimer: I would like to take this time to mention that the Blogmaster does not endorse, nor condone the use of any illegal substance. However, I am not here to judge anyone that does.

“Audio Crack” is what I like to call music that must be listned to. Music so good, you don’t want to skip a track, makes you want to purchase the CD, and tell ALL of your friends about this “Audio Crack”.

So from now on, whenever I review music, this is where it shall be.

and with that… let us start the with the Inaugural review.

I was able to get my hands on a digital copy of Rufat’s “Everything’s Lame“.

Now, I know what you’re wondering: Is this album Audio Crack? or is it Wack ? is it worth your money? or is it worthless?


Go buy it. This is Audio Crack in it’s purest form.

Right now. Don’t even read the rest of this review; Go to his Myspace page and get it for free (If you or someone you know lives in Tallahassee, support this artist and buy his album for $5 ). You aren’t even allowed to bootleg this one. I’m serious. Unless you were raised on This guy…  then I guess you can wait for a ringtone.

(Not Hating on the Young Artist… i’m just saying…)

Now This Mix-tape right here is EXACTLY what I’ve been missing from today’s Hip-Hop. Lyrical precision, Nice beats, and a great flow. What’s also great about this guy is that he doesn’t have a specific “style” he’s versatile, and so are his beats; One track sounds like something that The Clipse should be on, and another track sounds like something off of a Future Kanye West project. (the Non-Aquasexual Kanye…)

He's a Genius of our time; He can figure ANYthing out...  So what if he Likes Fish sticks...

He's a Genius of our time; He can figure ANYthing out... So what if he likes Fish sticks...

He also lyrically reminds me of Lupe Fiasco; he is able to fit everything into his rhyme in such a way that you can tell that he’s about his art, and not the Money; which is what I feel Hip-Hop needs: artists that are hungry for the game , not the money and the fame. His play on words are great, and he chooses beats to complement with surgical accuracy. He also mentions many things that are current in our pop culture. Anyone that can play on “Wii fit” in a track without hesitation, and still make sense of it, gets my vote.

It is very rare in today’s time to find an album that you can listen to from start to finish… Even for a “Mix-tape” he manages to keep the name plugs to a minimum. I’m anxious to see what he can do with a an actual album. For the record, I feel this Mix-tape is actually better than most of the “Albums” out there on the music shelves. I actually thought it was an Album, but the artist let me know that it’s only a mix-tape.

I can’t put a specific style to this collection of tracks… Which is good, I appreciate versatile artists.

I wanted to interview the artist, but apparently he does an interview on Track 8 and the interview pretty much answers all of my questions… seriously, ALL of my questions were answered. I will go back into the lab and find original questions !!!

So, all I will do is tell you again to go get this “Audio Crack” and keep an ear out for what this local artist will have next.

Monday Post X !!!

January 19, 2009

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the TENTH Monday Post in my blog’s Existence. Everyone seems to love and look forward to these Mondays, so I shall continue to provide what you need/want.

Here’s what you might have missed last week.

A talented guy with a lot of time on his hands who is really dedicated to his art, pays homage to one of my favorite Video Games.

Financial Aid Fairy Renegade came and gave “presents” to the good little boys & girls.

I received a very Mysterious Box.

I then found out what was in the box with 10 9 special ladies.

The city of  “Blogestonia” was under a  state of emergency

And to wrap things up from last week, I had an Eye openinig experience with a barbershop and some geese Ducks.

Last night I went to a party at the club. It was alright, but it made me realize that maybe I’m getting too old for the club… or that I need to roll 20 deep to have a good time… that, and I need to listen to more Soulja Boy.

(by the way, Has anyone seen the DVD he keeps talking about?)

oh, and This Guy.  Will the owners promoters Parents of these kids PLEASE cut this out??? and it’s not just them, it’s almost everyone, including her too (Guys are just as guilty).  Since when was it ok for THIS ???

Ok, i’m not a hater… and I am all for kids having fun and being active… but really

*yes, I do realize i’m extending their “15 minutes” but… I’m just concerned is all. 

*takes a deep breath* Ok, New topic.

Twelven joined the PS3 fold this weekend *fanfare* which means we have 1 (possibly 2) new coaches for the Dynasty. However, I can’t add them until We play that National Championship (Cal & ECU) which I have JUST been notified will be played this Friday @ 8pm. May the best coach win.

Extrav The Battle of the Gods Stepshow is this Saturday, did you get your ticket yet?

This week, If you go to One Fresh Stir fry and say “Whooping Crane” you can get a free topping. I love that place 🙂

And finally,

As some of you might have noticed

I changed the page layout. it’s a new year, so I guess it’s time for a new layout.

What do  you think? do you like it? or should I go back to the original ? leave a comment  with your honest opinion.