About Me

I’m A Senior attending The Florida State University. I’m an Information Technology Major.

I love playing around with computers, i have dreams of doing something in the world of Information Security.

I play video games; I’m a PS3 and Nintendo Wii fan. I also own a couple DSlites.

I love college football; other than Florida State, I plan on rooting for Mississippi State this year for no other reason than believing that their head coach can do big things over there. *well, That was fun. Time to find a new college team to root for* 

I enjoy listening to music, different genres for different moods, who knows i might do a blog or 2 on music.

OH ! and a Shout-Out to www.manandwife.tv I LOVE that website… Fatman Scoop and Shanda are an amazing couple, and they tend to give out great relationship advice (sometimes): I should warn you- that website is 18+

That’s all I have for now

6 Responses to About Me

  1. naynay says:

    woo man and wife… i forgot all about that…

    * runs to the site to catch up*

  2. I’m a secret ps3 lover, i steel my brothers one all the time…oh and that site is great, fatman scoop is hilar!

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    The console is pretty amazing.

  4. The Dtownsend23 expert says:

    Greetings from Dartmouth U. I am Doctor Blackenstein, and i am an expert on Dtownsend23. I know everything from his eating habits to his loves and hates, all the way to the time of day that he usually punishes the porcelain. If you have any want of some REAL information on the elusive creature known as Dtownsend23, Please feel free to ask… This tiny lil essay cannot possibly due justice to the creature whos legend rivals bigfoot, the lochness monster, and the man known only as the Comeback Kid…

  5. Acoff Wife says:

    Wow! lol I want to speak with The Dtownsend23 expert, although some things may be tmi. I am going to checkout the manandwife site.

    • dtownsend23 says:

      Do NOT pay that ‘expert’ any mind… he’s a fool.
      Also, that site is for grown folks.
      Actually, some grown folk might have a problem with it… so it’s for “Grown” folk.
      Make sure you check out “A Blind Mind” and “Mellow Thoughts” They are pretty good sites also (When they update)

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