Welcome to 2009

January 1, 2009

Hello to all my new and old blog fans. Welcome to 2009.

As promised, I am now search-able on the Internet. If you go to your favorite Internet Search engine and type in “dtownsend23” This blog should pop up. If it doesn’t, give it some time; I’m sure the “Internet Hunters” will catch on soon enough.

For everyone else reading my blog for the first time; Welcome.

I like to talk about all sorts of topics. Most of it will be randomly meaningful things that pop up, other things will be just for a laugh, and some will fit in both.

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Other than that, have fun, post comments, and be entertained


D. Blogmaster

Same Name?

December 30, 2008

** Disclaimer **

The thoughts and views of the following post are that of a pure hypothetical nature. Please do not take ANYTHING in this post the wrong way, it is for entertainment purposes only

** End Disclaimer **

So, I was on Facebook, looking at people’s statuses and such, and I discovered an old Facebook Friend.

I remember this facebook friend mainly because we have the same last name and are NOT related (well, as far as we could trace)

so we got the facebook chatting (which by the way, is slowly getting better, people aren’t randomly disappearing as much) and then I was hit with a very interesting “hypothetical situation”

If we were to get married: what would her new last name be? would she change it? Hyphenate it? superscript it?

What would be the appropriate thing to do if your last name was “Smith” and you met/fell in love with/planned to marry someone with the last name of Smith?

does she become “Smith-Smith” ?

what about ” Smith^2 ” ?

would it be considered laziness if she stayed Smith?

how do you tell this story to friends with a straight face ?

what would your Parents think when you first bring them home ???

how much fun would you have explaining this to anyone who asks for your maiden name for official business ?

What are your thoughts? concerns?

Holiday Matrix

December 26, 2008

I think some one has been slipping me the Red pill in my Egg Nog for a  few years now… because I think I’ve discovered something crazy. The Holidays aren’t as “magical” as we all grew up thinking them to be.

When you were younger, you would wake up rush downstairs (or down the hall) to the living room where your parents would have created a winter wonderland with a trimmed tree , and Christmas stockings over the fireplace (if you had one of those), some breakfast ready, presents under the tree, and a host of other things reminding you that “today” is in fact Christmas.

As you started to wade out deeper in the pool of life and hit the Adolescence section (now equipped with hoop and water guns) for some reason (depending on your economic status) Christmas starts losing it’s “coolness” factor; mainly because your relatives still think it’s cool to get you socks =/

As you start heading towards the deep end (adulthood) and you go out on your own, it hits you: the smoke and mirrors all fail and you realize that the “Essence of Christmas” is dependant on your family… 

Please keep in mind I am NOT talking about the “meaning” of Christmas, that never changes, I’m talking about the “flashing lights” that surround the holiday. The “Spirit of Cheer” if you will 

I haven’t been back to my Parents house for Christmas in YEARS. not necessarily because I don’t want to, but because now that I’m on my own, I have to work to pay bills and all that good stuff; since I’m still in college (Spring ’09 Graduation !!!) my options in the workforce are still somewhat limited so I have to work where I can.

Ask anyone that spends Christmas “Alone” or “Without their families” they usually complain about how much fun they didn’t have.

On the flip side, I’m noticing a new trend where college students are bored @ home with their families. I’ve even heard a few people say they can’t wait to get back to school; the very same school they tried to escape first chance they got.

Back when we played in the shallow end of the “pool of life” when we got back to school from Winter Break, you couldn’t wait to tell your friends all the cool things you got for Christmas. Now, you can’t wait to tell your friends how bored you were at home. Where’s the magic? where are the Christmases of our youth?

I am convinced that with a lack of Money Family, Christmas isn’t what it used to be. It’s like Santa lost his swag… 

or did Santa get hit by the recession? 

Wait, is there even a Santa ??? 


Here’s what I think is going on:

I think that “Adults” are given a chart. 

On this chart it measures out how much money spent on Christmas Quality is supposed to go down as the child gets older (unless you’re rich, then it goes in the opposite direction)

On this chart, there’s a red star, which is the estimated age where you start giving your child the red pill in their Egg Nog. I haven’t figured out that age yet… 

What I also don’t understand is why we keep it going. When we become “Adults” and start having our own offspring, it’s like we try to recreate the Christmas Magic that we lost many years ago… only to have it taper off on our children as they get older, only continuing a vicious circle of false hope, and broken dreams. </mild sarcasm>

What do you think? Do you think there’s an age where we realize the Christmas magic is smoke and mirrors? What was it like when you first woke up to the Christmas truth?


December 23, 2008

Micheal Jackson  Rockwell said it best… but yeah, i f someone IS watching you, it’s hard to have privacy. Do we even HAVE privacy anymore ? have we ever HAD privacy?

Think  back to when you were younger. pretty much since BIRTH, SOMEONE has seen/heard EVERYTHING you’ve ever done. We’ve even been told growing up that GOD (or Santa when he’s “Coming to town”) is always watching us. Think about that for a moment. 

So, the Misses and I went out to the movies with the Twelvin crew today. We saw “Eagle Eye” today. 

** This Just in ** 

Ok, before I go any further, I want to tell the movie theater people/ US National Guard to STOP playing This Song. This song does NOT make me want to join ANY branch of the armed forces any faster 

** Back to my thought ** 


I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

It’s really hard to talk about the movie without giving away key points. Just know that it was an amazing movie, and it really makes me think about my future in Information Security/Technology. 

Just… Go watch it.

You know what? It’s in the Dollar theater, i’m allowed to spoil parts of it, right? 

(ponders his predicament) 

Just… know that the way technology is today, some very interesting things can happen if that “power” falls into the wrong hands. 

But it gives you thinks to think about.

Everything you do on Facebook, Myspace, blogs (even cool ones like this one), things you purchase online…  ALL  of that can be traced, remembered, and collected and used to “create” a profile of you, to figure out your likes/dislikes and tendencies. 

Does that mean we need to throw away technology? 

Not at all; I love my phone.

I think it just means we should be careful, be educated, and be aware. There’s  no need  for people to be “Shocked” by what Technology can do.  We as a people should embrace it, and not be afraid of it. 

It’s when people don’t understand things, they are most afraid.

But my bloggers, fear not; we like the people of Zion should be un-afraid !!! (no need to watch the whole thing, the first minute will do)

Take this bravery, and bring it to your family and friends who are afraid of the “internets”


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to look into joining Twitter.