Another Weekend has ended.

Tebow DIDN’T win the Heisman

Bush had a shoe tossed at him

Some other stuff happened, but now… it’s Monday

It was an empty feeling coming into work with none of my favorites here… WHY did I think it would be a good idea to come into work after school let out???

There was a small glimmer of joy; I came and found my laptop holder desk covered with little gifts and candy from my co-workers; Thanks ladies, this blogmaster’s heart is covered in warm and fuzzy. 

Things you might have missed on the blog:

Being Stuck on an Island

The “unacceptable” Service @ Chili’s 

Wow… I had a pretty short week… Well, I had Finals so I was busy studying 🙂

This week, I’ll be doing a lot of gaming. Last night was the 2008 Video Game Awards… All I have to say is that Jack Black should NOT be allowed to Reproduce. EVER. 

How much gaming ? Well, I have close to 10 games in rotation !

** Dynasty note ** 

#1 Cal (me) will meet up against #2 ECU (Ja514) for the national championship!!! 

An undefeated #3 USF (Ala81) has been left out, and will be filing a petition for a playoff system. 

It amazes me that even in the world of Video Games, this business of College Football is still about politics. 

** end of Dynasty note **

This is the last Monday post where I will be AT work; next Monday will be from the comfort of my own home (which means it might be a little late…)  

**Work Update**

I was attacked by the PSI this morning (or BTS in some circles) there were no casualties, but i’m sure trauma will set in…

**end of update** 

Now is also a good time to find out what you the reader would like to see more/less of on the blog. 

Keep in mind, that After the “National Championship” (both the real one and the Dynasty) you won’t be hearing too much about our Dynasty (except for certain key match-ups, or league additions)

Keep an Eye out for new things in ’09 !!!

and I hear that for 10 special fish, Santa is coming to town…


4 Responses to mondaypost5

  1. MellownMighty says:

    Video game reviews and progress/commentaries. The Dynasty updates are cool but I think you can do personalized reviews or colorful commentary (without spoilers) of the video games you have played or want to play.
    This may be outlandish but I also suggest a “favorite things” theme once a month or bi-weekly. Like, a favorite thing/food that you feel no one should live without having or trying.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    That sounds like a really good idea.

    I will add it to the “09 update” list. One of the reason I personally avoided Video game reviews/ progress reports is because i didn’t want people to sign this blog off as a “fanboy creation”.

    The favorite thing could be cool too because it would come from the whole staff (I use that term SO loosely) these are some great ideas.

  3. MellownMighty says:

    Yeah, the fanboy thing is a hard line to walk. I suggest keeping the reviews to a minimum and even switch it up by having guest reviewers and retro reviews. That way, you have different gaming systems and perspectives so that it won’t look like free publicity.

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    I like that.
    I got some people, I’ll start making some IM’s (lol @ technology)

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