Monday 17

March 9, 2009

It’s Spring Break !!! 

but I’m at work… *sighs*

fortunately, it’s only today and tomorrow. I was originally going to work Wednesday also… but that fell through as soon as I walked in the office. Do you have plans? take lots of pictures for me. 

Last week, I only posted on Monday, and Friday. I had a mobile moment, but I didn’t post it fast enough. so here it is:

So I’m in line at the lights place… I happen to see the line diva again; being diva-like as usual…

Someone get this kid!!! I am standing in front of this 7-year old who wants to get “Michelle” shaved into his head.
If his momma has her way, he’d get a Mohawk

Really? I remember getting MY name in my hair when I was younger… But a girls name? Which part of the game is that?

This weekend Season 2 of “The Dynasty” will be starting. It’s not too late to jump in; send me an email.

Cal lost the National Championship by way of a late INT, and they are hungry for revenge. Will they be able to finish the job this year? Will they MAKE it to the big show this year? 

ECU won the National Championship, and look to be repeats; Can they pull it off again? or was it a fluke: the pollsters seem to think so by leaving them unranked for the preseason

USF had an undefeated Season and looks to repeat and possibly getting into the National Championship. Can they do it with playing a powerful FSU at home? 

Illinois obtained a  new coach during the off-season and will try to become coach of the year; with their extra tough schedule, will they survive? 

This year, the 4 coaches have agreed to play each other in a round about playoff situation amongst themselves: If one coach comes through undefeated, his team will deserve to be in the national championship. If everyone loses here and there, there will be QUITE the debate this year. 

and Finally… I mentioned Friday about how a friend of mine has joined the blogging world. Today, I would like to officially introduce the world my readers to “A Blind Mind“. Words will not be able to describe the mental ride you all will be in for; just stay tuned and be entertained. I’ll more than likely give summarry wrap ups on what I read over there to remind you all. He’s also been added to my list of blogs to the right so you can find him faster. Enjoy.

What’s in the Box ?

January 14, 2009


This picture was taken moments before he met his end. This box went on quite the journey yesterday.

After picking the box up from “G.S. Padawan” I walked with the box all over campus, and everywhere I went people would ask: “What’s in the box?”  Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to answer them. Any of them. 

So, I met the girls at the designated location last night to deliver the box into their possession. The main condition being all 10 fish  arrived to the place.

Unfortunately, only 9 of the 10 were in attendance. The conditions were if all 10 weren’t in attendance, the box went home with me unopened. However, the birthday girl decided she was going to override the conditions of the box. 

Birthday Girl? Oh yes, the location for exchange turned into a celebration. 21 years ago, #9 decided she was going to swim out into the big ocean known as life, and make her presence known. (BIG thanks to this site for that tip !) Even though the location took forever to seat 22, and even longer to feed us, we had a lot of fun that night

So what was in there? what on earth could be inside this parcel that had me risk being arrested on campus?

Why, a T-Shirt of course.

Not just 1 T-shirt, but 10 T-shirts !!! 

Yes, Santa has brought to these 10 9 fishes Line Shirts. 

I guess he thought they were all good girls, and wanted them to look uniform

like a line SHOULD look, as opposed to…  *

So now, my young box & grey fish, you have reached the end of your journey. What a job you had: to protect and transport a gift more valuable than your own life. Well done box, Well done.



* (The author of this blog is not out to purposely embarrass any groups intentionally, but only within the context of the blog, believe me some groups do it all on their own. OK, YES they WERE pretty uniform… but, yeah…)