Graduation BCS Intro

As many of you know, I Love College football. I love it to the point I started my own online Dynasty with some friends (which by the way is still waiting on the National Championship) 

Today, I recieved an email from FSU today. Pretty much it explained something about graduation, and which website I needed to check out for more information. 

Here’s where things get interesting;

According to my email, everyone gets 6 tickets; and if you need more you can petition for more depending on supply/demand. 


As many of you know (well, some of you) I have a big family. 

How big? 

let’s just say my siblings alone put me at -2 tickets. 


This isn’t including my parents, relatives, or even Mrs. Blogmaster. 

So here’s what I’m going to do; instead of treating the situation like the rest of the sports world and conduct a playoff competition, I’m going to treat this like my favorite sport and have coaches, computers, and members of the press decide who gets to go to the Graduation !

OK, apparently I’m not allowed to do it that way… something about a lawsuit

So,  I will turn to you my voters fans;  who gets to go?

Do I give out automatic bids to my parents?  

Does one sibling get more votes because of a stronger strength of schedule (birth-order) ?

What about Mrs. Blogmaster, do I give her the #1 seed just because ? 

I have an aunt in NY who wants 3 seeds for her conference in NY.

This is going to be fun. 


Don’t forget to send me funny Facebook Statuses that you come across.


2 Responses to Graduation BCS Intro

  1. CBK says:

    I say you take none of em… really. Graduations are like weddings, everyone wants to be there for the before and after, but the DURING sucks. its three hours and 2000 names of people who they dont know or care to know, and usually two speeches that sound like Obama wrote them… while he was in a coma. The ceremony itself is one of the most boring things in the education world. I feel its more of a punishment then a celebration.

    “For the four (or 8 in some cases) years that i was in this 2 star motel education facility, I will now make you all sit somewhere, more bored then stevie wonder in an art exhibit, until for exactly 2 seconds, you hear my name, and i get rushed across the stage, grab at something im actually getting in the mail in a few weeks, and then i go and sit back down in what can only be described as 7yr-olds-making-nike-in-a-sweatshop conditions, until we all get dismissed, and then find out that after all this education, we still have no F****** clue what to do with ourselves besides the thing we did when we first got here. Drink. Party back at the crib”

    You ask who to invite?… i say your least favorite people in the world. torture them for four hours. Let your fam stay and drink, and relax knowing that your walking across 20 feet of stage, to grab a fake piece of paper, shake a guys hand you dont even know, and then be rereleased into the wild like that doped up penguin with the tracker, knowing the handlers will be contacting you frequently for information… or in this case… money.

    Btw way, if you do take my advice and invite your least favorite people… just know one thing…

    Yes, I’d be honored…

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    A very interesting concept. Now if i can only convince my parents to think that way…

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