Monday/Tuesday 38

August 4, 2009

First off, I want to tell all of my fans that I am sorry for not having a Blog yesterday.

As many of you know I moved over the weekend (which was an adventure in itself) to a bigger place. We’ve gotten everything unpacked except for a few boxes with random computer parts. I think Computer parts are going to be the “junk” in my garage when I become a Dad. Growing up, and even today there are car parts and random tools in my dad’s garage; but for me, I’ll have a bunch of computer parts… sign of the times? Maybe. My dad and his friends talk carborators and fuel injectors; My friends talk PS3’s and NCAA Football. Is there a point where we start talking cars and thermostats ?

Well, at some point right after the move, we (I) lost the car keys :(. So, Monday we spent the day getting that handled. We also had to deal with Comcast; apparently yesterday was “Migrate to Comcast” day, because it seemed like a good portion of town was at the office. Even after we got the new equipment from them, the actual service didn’t kick in until later that night; I was without real Internet (thank God for the iPhone)  for almost 4 days. Do you know how much can happen on the Internet in four days ???

As you may have read, all I’ve done on the blog was my Previous Monday’s entry. I’ve had plenty on my plate this summer with the Job and Platform Nation. I’m starting to get the hang of how things work over there. Make sure you’re reading my articles and making me popular 🙂

If you say “1 Fresh” at 1 Fresh Stir-Fry, you’ll get a free drink with your order.

True Blood. Yeah, just watch it; there isn’t much else I need to say about it.

There is something that’s disturbing me. It deals with the little black girls of America, and their parents.

You think THIS is bad???

There was a video that I saw on (it has been removed at the time of this blog; it’s like the article never existed…) let’s just say the things I saw the little girls were doing I’ve only saw done at Reggae Parties…The following video probably isn’t safe for work…

But this video is a pretty accurate representation of what those girls (no more than 11) were doing.

What is going on with our community ???

There were at LEAST two adults at this party (1 of them taping the spectacle) and NO one decided to stop this. Why? WHY is this acceptable ? why is it no one snatched these kids up ??? I understand that they are watching adults do this and mimic what they see, but really ??? what ever happened to keeping kids innocent ? I’m not going to start telling people HOW to raise their children, I’m just saying.

Exodus update

January 3, 2009

It’s been a couple days since I’ve sent my laptop off. It’s a weird feeling. Having to sit at a desk & chair, barely remembering passwords, it’s just so depressing.

The 8th isn’t getting here fast enough.

Parents will be here in less than 24 hours. Slightly nervous, mainly because this is their first visit to the land of the ‘noles since… Well, since I first came up here.

I’ll be keeping you the fans updated as best I can.

Just One?

December 12, 2008

Imagine… that you are stranded on an Island…

Actually, forget all that.

Let us say there is a decree known as “The One Artist Act” which states that you are only allowed to listen to ONE artist for the rest of your life. 

No collaborations, No remixes, No mix-tapes…

Just one artist, and one artist alone.

who would you pick? and why??

Personally, when this Question was posed to me by the Notorious Lo Rap, I was unable to pick one.

I told her I could probably pick 10 comfortably,

Maybe shave it to 5 in a rush…

3 if being tortured

but 1?  Blasphemy

In a world of mp3 players, it would be hard to chose just one artist.

Go through your Ipod (Zune, Walkman, laptop) right now…

Could you really live with just ONE of those artists? 

All knowledge on the matter is greatly appreciated.


December 10, 2008

I promise, I haven’t been neglecting the blog, it’s just with 2 finals on Thursday, and engagements left and right, I’ve been busy. Don’t worry, Finals are almost over, do your best.