Poetry Corner

Calling all amateur poets.

Thanks to something I read by a fish I’ve decided to try something on my blog; A Poetry Corner…

Let me say this now; this is NOT “Poetry Idol” I am not promising you fame, fortune, or a record deal… this is just a place to have your words read. Who knows, your words might be something someone else needs to get through a situation.


  • no gratuitous cursing. I understand sometimes you need to release frustration and all that… but this IS a family Safe For Work blog (usually)
  • Sexually explicit lines; we’ll save that for the “quiet storm” edition
  • Original work.

Other than that, have fun. How to submit? Send it to my email: Dmilano23@gmail.com


2 Responses to Poetry Corner

  1. Acoff Wife says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue…

    • dtownsend23 says:

      A mess indeed ma’am.
      this is exactly why I didn’t want this to be like American Idol; all the crazy folk decide to appear :-p

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