Monday 35

July 13, 2009


Is it Monday already ???

The weekends seem to just speed through…

Since Last Week, I had one big blog discussion on here talking about the “Gentlemigga“. It’s been a while since I wrote such a popular blog; I almost forgot what it felt like. Saturday was the Probate for Zeta Phi Beta Sororority Inc. over at FSU. I want to say congratulations to those new ladies; I didn’t see the show because I had a prior engagement, but I heard it was good. If anyone has pictures/video let me know because I’d like to see it.

I think my allergies have gotten better. I’m not sure if it’s the claritin or not…

Moving day is getting closer…

I’ve been really busy over at Platform Nation. If you are a video game fan, you should check them out.

This week, if you say “Malts and Shakes” you get a free topping over at OneFresh Stir-Fry.

I feel like I should be talking about something else…

I’ve been purposely avoiding the recent deaths of all the celebrities. Personally, there are PLENTY of resources out there for each of those untimely deaths, there’s no need for my 2 cents. My thoughts and prayers go out to the respective families.

NCAA Football 2010 comes out this week. I’m currently debating if I should start doing “news reports” about that again… A lot of people were confused last year, so I’ll think about it.

The new Harry Potter movie comes out this week also; I’m thinking about going to the midnight showing from a journalistic point of view. I’m all too curious to see how many people will dress up as their favorite character.

wingardium leviosa !!!

Wingardium Leviosa !!!

That’s all I have for today. I didn’t see all of TrueBlood last night. I plan on watching it tonight.

Oh… and if you haven’t, PLEASE see “The Hangover”. That is all.

Monday 33

June 29, 2009

I don’t even know WHERE to start honestly…

First: Prayers for the families of ALL the celebrities who passed over the weekend. No matter your opinions of the people who passed, they were human and they had families. Let’s respect that.

Second: I happened to catch the BET Awards Last night (True Blood was on the bedroom TV) and my first question:  WHAT is UP with this new fashion trend?

“let me wear my jeans 2 sizes too small THEN wear them below my butt so everyone can see my boxers… ”


I’m sorry, but I like having my jeans at my waist… but maybe that’s just me.

Also, why is it when artists sing LIVE they seem to have problems? Lead singer Pleasure P sounded HORRIBLE…

I had to fight with a thunderstorm last night so I ended up losing my reception for a good portion of the night. When I finally got my reception back, I didn’t care anymore and just decided to see the replay later on this week. Actually, I did manage to catch the Jamie Foxx/ Ne-Yo performance of “I’ll Be There” that I felt like was the best tribute of the evening

Last Thursday was the Bowling for Diabetes event. I must say, I had fun; I didn’t quite get that 100 that I was aiming for, but two scores of 93 is good enough for me. I think i’m going to need my own shoes and ball…

We ended up playing boys vs. girls the first game was a tie: 495-495.

The 2nd game, the boys pulled away with the victory (or the girls choked)

Naturally a rematch WILL be held at a later date and time.

I’m in the process of finishing my review for a game that I got from Platform Nation (for free) I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.

That’s about it for now. I want to Thank everyone for your support, and remind you to love your family, and friends. If you have friends you lost touch with for petty stuff, get back in contact with them, that phone call, text, facebook message, tweet could be a ray of sunshine during a cloudy time for them.


December 23, 2008

Micheal Jackson  Rockwell said it best… but yeah, i f someone IS watching you, it’s hard to have privacy. Do we even HAVE privacy anymore ? have we ever HAD privacy?

Think  back to when you were younger. pretty much since BIRTH, SOMEONE has seen/heard EVERYTHING you’ve ever done. We’ve even been told growing up that GOD (or Santa when he’s “Coming to town”) is always watching us. Think about that for a moment. 

So, the Misses and I went out to the movies with the Twelvin crew today. We saw “Eagle Eye” today. 

** This Just in ** 

Ok, before I go any further, I want to tell the movie theater people/ US National Guard to STOP playing This Song. This song does NOT make me want to join ANY branch of the armed forces any faster 

** Back to my thought ** 


I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

It’s really hard to talk about the movie without giving away key points. Just know that it was an amazing movie, and it really makes me think about my future in Information Security/Technology. 

Just… Go watch it.

You know what? It’s in the Dollar theater, i’m allowed to spoil parts of it, right? 

(ponders his predicament) 

Just… know that the way technology is today, some very interesting things can happen if that “power” falls into the wrong hands. 

But it gives you thinks to think about.

Everything you do on Facebook, Myspace, blogs (even cool ones like this one), things you purchase online…  ALL  of that can be traced, remembered, and collected and used to “create” a profile of you, to figure out your likes/dislikes and tendencies. 

Does that mean we need to throw away technology? 

Not at all; I love my phone.

I think it just means we should be careful, be educated, and be aware. There’s  no need  for people to be “Shocked” by what Technology can do.  We as a people should embrace it, and not be afraid of it. 

It’s when people don’t understand things, they are most afraid.

But my bloggers, fear not; we like the people of Zion should be un-afraid !!! (no need to watch the whole thing, the first minute will do)

Take this bravery, and bring it to your family and friends who are afraid of the “internets”


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to look into joining Twitter.