Southern Hospitality gone to far ???

… That is what i believe happened during Saturday’s REAL game (not talking NCAA football 09) with FSU against Wake Forest.

Why do I say this? I think the football team (specifically the offense) had sooo much manners they REALLY wanted Wake Forest to win. Even though the Wake Forest kicker

** This just in **
I was going to find out the hometown of the WF kicker to see if he was in on this theory of mine, and the front page of the college football website i went to had FSU on the front page titled “Still Broken”. I didn’t have the heart to read the article, but I Just wanted to let my fellow ‘Nole fans know what the rest of America thinks of our Football Program…

**Back to the blog**

… who IS from Florida also and was in on this Hospitality theory (he missed 3 consecutive FGs during the game)  we INSISTED on giving WF the victory… as a matter of fact, this was the conversation:

*towards the ending of the game*

WF: Hey, you know what? we feel really bad about beating you guys 30-0 here in 2006, here take this win and keep your momentum going; oh, and we LOVE your 2 QB system :).

FSU: Wow, we really appreciate this, but you know what? this is our house, and we like to be nice to our guest, so no thanks.

WF : no no really, we insist, we want you guys to win, we want Bobby to keep the record for most wins, it’ll be the pride of the ACC, here you go ! (FG miss #2 )

FSU: You guys are so nice to us this evening, but no, it’s cool we’d rather give it to Joe Pa @ Penn State. We really like them, which is why we gave them that Orange Bowl victory back in 2006, so please W.Forest win please :).

WF: We’re starting to get really offended here. We are in YOUR house, and we RESPECT Doak Campbell stadium, you are going to TAKE this win, and you WILL enjoy it, now HERE (FG miss #3)

FSU: Now look here! this is OUR house, and WE decide who wins, and who loses, and TONIGHT, WE will be losing, now please Wake, TAKE this win and LEAVE our home!!! we’ll see you next year 🙂 (D.Richardson INT #2)

WF: *sighs* alright… if you insist, but we really wanted you to have this (makes game-sealing FG)

*end of game WF 12 – FSU 3*

That’s pretty much what happend.


One Response to Southern Hospitality gone to far ???

  1. jswj83 says:

    i found this 2 be quite entertaining

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