Battle of the Ribs

May 16, 2009

During my Travels in Jacksonville a while ago, my super cool Tour Guide took me a place who has their own sauce for ribs… you know what that means:

We're a big deal; We sell our own Sauce

We're a big deal; We sell our own Sauce


Sticky Fingers of Jacksonville vs.  Shane’s Rib-Shack of Tallahassee.

As I sit in the new place, I must say that  I’m impressed with the overall design of the place it’s a little more upscale than Shane’s, but I think that’s mainly because they are after a different crowd. They have live music Friday and Saturday nights and they are located near the beach. Our Server for the evening was actually a cool guy, he was to the point, answered our questions and made pretty good suggestions. I get the Rib sampler and my Tour Guide gets a Chicken Salad; she tells me that she’s allergic to BBQ sauce…

I wept for her Stomach…

Alright, on to the food !!!

I'm sure we're better than Tallahassee; We put lime on OUR ribs.

I'm sure we're better than Tallahassee; We put lime on OUR ribs.

First, I have the Dry Rub ribs.  I must admit, the meat itself was very moist and prepared right; I just  wasn’t impressed with the rub flavoring; I’m very glad I had soda to help wash it all down.
They lost points for having a bug in my tour guide’s salad. It was very disturbing actually. They were nice in handling the situation quickly. Her food was free; I still had to pay for mine… needless to say I was looking for a way to get free food cautious of my own food …

The Tennessee whiskey ribs were alright, they had an interesting flavor, I blame it on the alcohol

Who does caramel apples with the skin intact ??? that was NOT cool.

LOL at their TVs not in sync; they were about 3 seconds off. They were the same channel. I’m not trying to nit-pick, I just think it was especially funny.

alright, I’m 3 styles of ribs down and honestly I don’t think they’re better than Shane’s… They are tasty and cooked well, just not what I was looking for, my palate isn’t impressed
What is the big idea with my soda costing more than a beer… Seriously, why must I be punished for not wanting alcohol ?

Well, I have finally finished my meal and reached a verdict: although the place was nice, server on point and food pretty decent, their ribs were not as enjoyable as Shane’s. But then again, what do I know ?  I was raised in Brooklyn.

If you know of a place that has really good ribs, let me know I shall check them out.


Really ??? part 2.

April 7, 2009

So, I was able to watch College Hill last night, after missing last week’s episode, but through the magic of reruns… here’s last week’s episode:

Honestly, there isn’t even much to talk about for the previous week’s episode. Well, except for the “Democracy” portion… apparently, a fight breaks out the previous week, and the cast members has to vote on sending someone home. The morning of the vote, it was a 3-3 vote for neither to go home. Somehow, the vote becomes 4-2; thanks to “Mr. Famu” who felt that “Actions reflect louder than words” (I was only repeating the quote as I heard it)

I don’t know if either person really deserved to be sent home more than the other. BET realized after episode 1 that things were gonna go down. Milan says that even though she threw the first punch, the other girl was threatening to strike first. From my limited experience watching reality T.V. shows, usually (s)he who strikes first goes home.

Naturally, the house is “divided” which can only mean one thing: Future Drama !!!

This week’s episode doesn’t start out as “wild” as l. there was some poor planning on their behalf (partying till 5am when you have a HUGE event the next morning is not a good idea)

Not only were they are cranky crybabies the next day, they also dropped the ball one too many times. How is it that all 8  cast members feel the need to wait hand and foot for Flo Rida? REALLY???  when did he become a celebrity? overnight?

Here’s something I would like to add to the “Really” file that doesn’t deal with “College Hill” tonight:

Really ???

Really ???

Ms. Blogmaster and Salt did a little grocery shopping today, and Ms. Blogmaster brought this home. I could not beLIEVE my eyes when I saw this in the house. In the “defense” of the manufacture, there was a Caucasian male of “Rural descent” on the opposite side of the can.

I’m just saying, is this how things go down in 2009? Really?