Something New

March 10, 2009

Well, this is interesting. 

Here I am, enjoying the first “official” day of spring break watching this show I tend to watch.  and I get in contact with a good friend on face book who has an offer for me. She knows someone who is making a magazine, and needs writers- she thought of me  🙂 

So, it looks like I might become a video game columnist for an up and coming magazine. I can’t really give you much more details, mainly because I don’t have much more details. I promise as SOON as there is a development I will let you know. 

For some reason, I’m slightly nervous =/

Status Watch Intro

January 28, 2009

Trying something new… 

Since I’m on facebook all the time often, I figured I’d watch people’s statuses, and the funny/interesting ones will find their way here. I will be keeping them as i see them except for inappropriate language…  oh and names, I’ll just use initials. 

If the whole “status thread” is good enough, it might find it’s way here too… You have until Friday (1/30) to impress and amaze.

Thanks to Fish #7 for the inspiration

P.s. if you see a funny status on your friends status. send me an email (via facebook or and i’ll hold it for consideration