Monday 16

Good Morning ! (RIP)

That’s the feeling I had when I came into work today. I think something about M.Bison on personal time just put me in high spirits today. I think it’s going to be the start of a wonderful week. My sister (Pepper) is turning 20 this week; I’m sure she’s expecting a gift. Well, that makes two of us.

I thought about giving someone else a birthday shout-out, but they are way too negative about getting older; so no shout-out for you! 

This week at OneFresh Stir Fry there’s a special situation: the password is “7 Years” but there’s a kicker: If you know what they mean by 7 years, you get a free drink; If not, you get a free topping as a consolation prize. Personally, I think that’s when they graced Tallahassee with their presence, but as I told this Tallahassee Blogger, I think that it’s too easy.  Let me know if you try it out and if that’s it. 

Well, Here’s what you may have missed last week Month on the blog (I just realized it’s the first Monday of March)

Here’s Monday 15: Love Abuse was this week 

Monday 14: Short week

Monday 13: Facebook 25, and Respecting your elders.

Monday 12: I had a lot to discuss, like the puppy I almost got.  Don’t worry Fuzzmaster, I shall have you yet !!!


This weekend a couple things happened: I went to the “RBP” with a bunch of people from my G&G crew. We had a LOT of fun. Unfortunately, if you want a full account of what happened… I’ll let you know when (and where) I write about it; there’s NO way I’m talking about that party evening with friends here. 


Last night, I had a great trip down memory lane. A classmate from Elementary school posted our 4th and 5th grade pictures on Facebook !!!  (no, I’m not going to point out who I am…)

It was even More entertaining when our 4th grade teacher actually started talking to us also. It was a crazy feeling of nostalgia; we started remembering all kinds of crazy things, like the time our teacher thought it would be a great  april fools prank to pretend she got fired. She had kids CRYING that day. *sighs*

For once, Facebook did something good; the ability to link up with not only college classmates, but people from high school, or even Elementary… it’s something amazing. To my classmates, I wish you nothing but the best, and to the Greatest 4th grade teacher ever; I wish you would get back to teaching- these kids are WAY too bad !!!


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