Friday !!!

Well now THIS is a first. I usually don’t write on Fridays…

well, not intentionally. 

With this being the eve of Spring Break up here, I want to wish everyone safe travels.

that, and to NOT end up on the news… 

What are your plans ? will you go up north? head out west? go crazy in Mexico ?

tell me all about it.

Oh, and Pictures… send me pictures !!! 

Personally, I’ll be home just enjoying the week. I’ll be working Monday-Wednesday; M. Bison doesn’t like me too far away from the organization, I guess. I’ll see what this town I live in has to offer.

Actually, I’ll be playing a lot of video games. Not an unhealthy amount; but a healthy amount.  There will still be blogs next week… depending on creativity and all of that. Another friend of mine has decided to make their own blog: more on that later.

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