Love Abuse ?

What is love? 

She says it’s a second hand emotion.

He says it’s a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. 

I hear people throw it around like it’s the new catch phrase for the year month. Then I hear some people say it as consolation to someone they just abused

but, what is Love? better yet,  why is it so constantly abused?

This morning I wake up to Facebook to discover I was tagged to a note. 

At first I thought it was one of these, but then I discover there was a little more substance to this note. One of my beloved fish (no, I don’t show favoritism… except for the Ace of hearts) tagged me in a note where she was letting off steam, and partially confused about her situation.  

Her significant other (of about 1.5 years) who she thought was “the one”  through an interesting turn of events decided to take another woman out on Valentine’s Day. 

I have another friend who at first was having a nice evening with a gentleman… which awkwardly ends, and less than a week later the same man is with another woman.

I have yet ANOTHER friend who was dating a guy who turned out to be engaged and getting married within the month.

Now, i’m not here to put their business out in the e-streets, but I have to ask; why?

why are men boys mistreating girls? why the games? 

Personally, as a former boy on my journey maturing into a man, I’ve made some of my own mistakes. Honestly, I know why I did what I did; most of it was out of selfishness, and self-preservation. I owe a few women apologies, but not all of them. I’d get into why, but this isn’t about me 😉 

Some guys become men overnight, some need a few heartbreaks/aches to learn, and some never grow up and decide to settle down; they are the ones who insist on keeping the game alive and well.  This only makes it okay for future young boys to grow up and keep it going. We as “Men” and “Kings” need to raise our future princes on the finer points of catering to the queens of the world. 

I read so many things where guys are trying to take the stand to treat women like queens to stop the cycle of hate and distrust.  this street goes both ways; women need to start treating “men” (not boys) like kings 

*dodges a flying pot* 

Female reader- ” But Blogmaster, what about the women who treat boys like kings and still end up feeling like a strumpet? ”

That’s the problem right their ma’am; you are treating a boy like a king. Never give a boy the keys to a castle with gold and expensively rare treasures; they’ll only make a mess of things.



10 Responses to Love Abuse ?

  1. Ahmad A. says:

    Great topic D,

    Women (girls, whatever) want to be treated like Queens(Some deserve it), the problem is most don’t realize that you must act/carry yourself as a Queen in order to receive that type of treatment.

  2. pescados número 5 says:

    Thanks bro, that last paragraph…so true!

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    That… is a whole extra topic… maybe for the extended director’s cut of this topic or something.

    You are right though, so it almost sounds like it’s a “home training” thing. I refuse to believe parents (and I use that term loosely) who are encouraging their 6-9 year old daughters to do the (insert newest grinding dance here) are turning around and telling these girls to also act with respect, dignity, and demand said respect from the boys they may encounter.

    I’m not anti-dancing, just anti-poor child raising… that leads to poor standards for the future, and a complete lack of respect.

  4. mellownmighty says:

    This is a good topic.

    You’re definitely right about it being a two-way street. Unfortunately, boys and girls are so good at wearing the costume of men and women that by the time the charade is discovered, the damage has already been done.

    If this cycle ended, there would be less bitter people from both genders that feel it’s ok to be treated like crap because they feel that they deserve it or treat others like crap because that’s all they know.

  5. dtownsend23 says:

    My thoughts exactly.
    I’m hoping for a world where I don’t have to hear another song about breaking dishes, keying car seats, or burning clothes.

  6. Ahmad A. says:

    Another great point D.

    What are these mothers teaching their daughters these days? Side note: my daughters might be getting raised in another country.

  7. dtownsend23 says:

    Lol !!!
    I wouldn’t even blame you.

  8. mellownmighty says:

    Don’t even get me started on home training.

    I have a coworker that allows her kids to curse, smoke, and drink. She feels that it’s ok because she knows they’re doing it and it takes the fun out of them sneaking around. These kids are 14 and 15.

    Sorry, but mom shouldn’t be telling the kids to smoke a blunt just to get the high strung kid to leave mom alone.

  9. mellownmighty says:

    Sorry for the hijack 🙂

    Certain things get me fired up.

  10. dtownsend23 says:

    lol, it fits…

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