What’s Your Name?

February 28, 2009

Him: Excuse me Miss, what’s your name?

Her: *insert name here* 

Him: I’m sorry, can you say that again?

Her: *repeats name*

Him: *attempts to say name* 

Her: No, it’s *repeats name*

Him: Oh! it’s like *really close name* but with a *insert unique twist*

Her: Yeah. 

That was an excerpt from a conversation I once had with this woman I met on the bus. I was slightly embarrased, because I really wanted to learn her name. I figure, if I was going to be saying it for the rest of my life, I should get it right quickly, right?  

What’s in a name?

All sorts of things; History, Legacy, Prestige, Honor.


I mean, It’s not something new, but it’s something I need to address.

Where are people coming up with these “names” ???

People are ditching the traditional “baby books” and are fusing names together into little hybrids of confusion and “unpronoucability” (yes, I made up this word in the spirit of making up names for kids)

After discovering this name in someone’s facebook quote (link to Facebook status 2), it’s be made painfully clear that this won’t go away !!!

Now, I understand that everyone doesn’t want to name their kid Joe, Frank, Susan, or “insert common name here” and I’m all for being unique (as many people have told me that MY name is unique) and believe me there are some beautifully unique names out there, but where do we draw the line?

Personally, I’m not sure what I will name my future children; but this in itself is a huge responsibility and should NOT be taken lightly.  

What do you think?  are names getting “out of hand” ?

Will you name your child after your favorite beverage/car/clothing company or will you go for something more traditional ?


Mail Time

February 27, 2009

It’s Mail Time !!! 

As you may have remembered, I had a bad experience over @ Harry’s for Valentine’s Day. Like I said, I wrote them an email, and I got a response, I then replied and in the mail today…

I got a Letter !!!

it was from Harry’s 

They wanted to apologize again, and they sent some gift cards (nice) and they want me to send another letter after we go and eat with them again. 

I’m shocked they responded so quickly (or at all, actually) 

So for now, I am placing a “neutral” vote for Harry’s until after we eat there again.


February 27, 2009

First off, I just want to say Thank you to Fish #5

Today, I received Part 2 of my gifts. 

I first received a Hand-Made Pillow (that will NEVER be used; I’m putting it somewhere safe)

and a Friendship bracelet !!! 

Personally, I’m concerned that there are flowers in my bracelet… makes it awkward to wear =/ 

but besides that; I love it. 

Thank You again for the gift :). It was an honor and a gift in itself to “give advice” to all 12 10 9 of you Intelligently Lovely Ladies whenever I could. Not gonna lie, we  had some fun.

Random Thought 5

February 27, 2009

I swear… it must be “Bosses get into stalker mode” day…

I’ve got TWO blogs that I can’t finish.

MnM has a blog or 2 in the works…

Ala81… well, he’s coming with one. (Eventually)

Stay patient everyone; Check back here around 2:30- 3pm today. 

Wow… you have no idea how hard it was to post THIS note !!!  M.Bison will catch one of these if she doesn’t stop.

Black Power = Black Privilege ???

February 24, 2009

I planned on talking about Black History Month mainly because someone on Facebook brought up the interesting question on McDonald’s motives with discussing “365 Black” only in February… so here we go. 

So tending to 2 sick women (Ms. Blogmaster and Salt), the question was raised (by Salt’s white boyfriend who’s doing an anthropology paper) on the Privilege of Black people.  This on the twilight of Black History Month no less.

So we got the thinking.

and did some more thinking…

I even went so far as to ask four black people online. 

I mean sure, we heard things like “more financial aid”, “genetically more athletic”, even “Free use of the ‘N’ Word”. 

The problem is, no one had a real answer. NO one could answer the question. In the age of America finally getting a black president, and Black Coaches winning Super Bowls… We as a people still have no privileges. 

Think about this for a moment: What IS privilege? 

Dictionary.com says it’s: 

  • a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most
  • a special right, immunity, or exemption granted to persons in authority or office to free them from certain obligations or liabilities

and the list goes on.  Pretty much nothing that Wii we as a people can claim.

I did a little research to see what others had to say about this topic.

One author actually made a list of “Privileges” that black men seem to have. Personally, I’m skeptical about this list as it seems to have a pretty underhanded tone. It’s mildly NSFW. 

I want you to take the rest of this Black History Month to really marinate meditate on this topic. Let’s discuss it here. 

Is there a “Real” Privilege to being black ?

Monday Post 15

February 23, 2009

Well, It’s Monday and you know what that means – Weekly update !!!

As always, here’s what you might have missed since last week:

So, this weekend, “Salt & Pepper” spent the weekend at my house. Pepper goes to school further south, and decided she wanted to get together with Salt for a reunion tour. Salt unfortunately was sick, so we didn’t do too much, but the things we did, we had fun. 

For example, we checked out the Black Actor’s Guild performance of “Stream of Unconsciousness” which was a bunch of skits, and the order they were performed were determined by the crowd. To avoid “bias” in voting, the names of the skits were kept cryptic, and the audience had to shout out numbers (much like the price is right) for the hosts to determine the next skit.

In all honesty, I enjoyed the performance. The skits were good, the performers were great. Shout-Out to the “Dad” who shook some sense into his daughter for “ruining her life”. He played that part very well. oh and #16 was DEFINITELY the best skit. 

That was about all we did this weekend. Other than that, we hung out at home, and went to the mall; everyone had a great time (I Guess) maybe next time Salt & Pepper get together everyone will be healthy, and I can show them around town. 

This week starts the new “year” of NCAA Dynasty. Once again, if you’re a PS3 Owner, and you want in on this Online Dynasty, get in contact with me.  If you say “are you doing your best”  at One Fresh Stir-fry, you get a sushi sample. 

That’s about all I have for now; M. Bison is threatening to hit me with a Psycho Crusher if I don’t get to work

P.s. the purpose of the links in the story are for you to check them out and either get a laugh, or educated on certain topics.  So please; get the clicking !!!

Dynasty Championship

February 21, 2009

After a VERY long break… our National Championship between Cal and ECU finally took place. Who would remain unbeaten between these two titans? only 4 quarters of football can decided that.

I score first within the the opening :11 on a run to the right

ECU works their way down the field to score on a QB sneak. Tie Game.

I lose my RB on an option

2 forced punts later i score again 14-7

QB sneak ties the game again

ECU goes up after halftime 

Late push for a td puts them up 

and a rushed decision late INT costs me any chance of a comback, and the final score is 35-21. 

Both teams played a good game,  and next season will be Electrifying.

Still can’t believe I threw that pass.

Well, for “next season” half of twelvin will join the ring as the head coach of Illinos, and the battle for supremacy starts all over again. It’s still not too late to join in on this. Send me an email with your PSN ID and I can add you (Assuming I know you)

Congratulations to East Carolina University 2009 National Champions.