What’s Your Name?

Him: Excuse me Miss, what’s your name?

Her: *insert name here* 

Him: I’m sorry, can you say that again?

Her: *repeats name*

Him: *attempts to say name* 

Her: No, it’s *repeats name*

Him: Oh! it’s like *really close name* but with a *insert unique twist*

Her: Yeah. 

That was an excerpt from a conversation I once had with this woman I met on the bus. I was slightly embarrased, because I really wanted to learn her name. I figure, if I was going to be saying it for the rest of my life, I should get it right quickly, right?  

What’s in a name?

All sorts of things; History, Legacy, Prestige, Honor.


I mean, It’s not something new, but it’s something I need to address.

Where are people coming up with these “names” ???

People are ditching the traditional “baby books” and are fusing names together into little hybrids of confusion and “unpronoucability” (yes, I made up this word in the spirit of making up names for kids)

After discovering this name in someone’s facebook quote (link to Facebook status 2), it’s be made painfully clear that this won’t go away !!!

Now, I understand that everyone doesn’t want to name their kid Joe, Frank, Susan, or “insert common name here” and I’m all for being unique (as many people have told me that MY name is unique) and believe me there are some beautifully unique names out there, but where do we draw the line?

Personally, I’m not sure what I will name my future children; but this in itself is a huge responsibility and should NOT be taken lightly.  

What do you think?  are names getting “out of hand” ?

Will you name your child after your favorite beverage/car/clothing company or will you go for something more traditional ?


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