Monday Post 12 *Updated*

Hey Everybody 

It’s Monday. Super Bowl Champions have been crowned (I was supposed to go to a REALLY good party, but something came up).

Jennifer Hudson did an AMAZING job singing the National Anthem.

The Commercials this year were alright. I’m intrigued by the new Star Trek, saddened by not getting 3-D glasses to watch the commercials , and perplexed by the “new” “The Fast & The Furious” Movie.

Oh, and I loved the coke commercial with the online avatars.

and the coke commercial with the “A Bug’s Life” meets “Peter and the Wolf“. 

Am I (and the land of the ‘Noles, Rattlers, and Eagles) The only one’s who’s going to miss out on Denny’s kindness ? on Tuesday (2/3/09) they will be giving away FREE Grand Slam Breakfast’s to everyone. Free. Food. ALL of America. 

*The Denny’s Website was unavailable for comment as of last night*

Here’s what you might have missed since my last Monday Post

There was my fist Locked Post by way of a young E-Thug

I gave my first “I beat the Game” review.

Someone yelled about someone going to hell literally.

MellownMighty had a warm & fuzzy moment.

I introduced and implemented my facebook stalking new funny facebook status watch. (Don’t forget send me emails by Thursday.

There was bear on bear Violence in an office this week.

I had an interesting photo shoot

Finally, I discussed the possibilities of using the BCS system for graduation.

I picked up the “Afro Samurai” game over the weekend. I haven’t started playing it yet, I got other games schoolwork to tend to first.

** Happy Birthday to a special Canadian Bunny who turned 21 today; Enjoy the day and don’t get into too much trouble, and don’t end up in a Canadian Tabloid please 🙂  ** 

Ok, I am thoroughly convinced that FISH stands for “Females In Secret Holdings from others”

I was chatting with #5 Last night *rewind* 

A few days before #5 had a mysterious FaceBook status alluding to the fact she had a surprise for a lot of people. Naturally, my “CSI-Senses” were tingling. I started asking questions, but all she would tell me is that it “involved nicknames” and that “a lot of love went into it”.  she also said that #11 might know something about it…

Anytime you’re ready #11 🙂 



it’s official, I’m getting a dog. 

Not just any dog, but a dog I actually want.


Yes, this little dark brown ball of fuzz will be MINE. 

I hope…  

He’s a Pomeranian, and I’ve already started thinking of names for him… 

Fuzzmaster sounds like a winner to me … 





I’m presented with a few options as far as getting him.

If we buy him now, we could:

  1. Try to “sneak” him into our complex and duck the pet fees and additional pet rent.
  2. Pay the pet fees and additional pet rent.
  3. Let him stay with a “Pet-Godparent” until we move. (is now taking applications)

*sighs* I’m at a crossroad… (NSFW!!!) *OK, here’s the real one*  I would hate to miss out on that ball of fuzz. He’s laid back, he wasn’t yipping and yapping like most “little dogs” like to do. and Mrs Blogmaster thought he was adorable which means she would be happy with him, which means I Win !!! 

What am I to do?

** Update ** We’ve decided to wait until the summer. I want to thank the Foster Mother for opening her doors. We reserve the right to use you on a later basis


8 Responses to Monday Post 12 *Updated*

  1. mellownmighty says:

    Congrats on the new addition. He looks adorable and I always tell people to observe the animal in your own home before deciding on a name. I think a name for an animal should reflect its personality or even the circumstances in which the animal was obtained.

    Fella, as in “Fell off the Truck”, is a cute example of an adorable name for an adorable dog that no one would ever realize was obtained through illegal means. It kills 2 birds with one stone.

    I think your options are 2 and 3. The only reason I cut out 1 is that a lot of small dogs, especially as puppies, tend to be vocal and I don’t know if people check around your complex like that. It also depends on when you’re moving.

    I wouldn’t mind being a Pet-Godparent, but I have to see how my dog’s social skills would be with the puppy.

  2. dtownsend23 says:

    Well, we didn’t buy him (yet)

    I didn’t want to buy him and not have a secure home for him.

    Well, that makes 3 potential applicants. I gotta chat with Mrs. Blogmaster and see what she thinks.

    I’m still thinking about the name… someone said i could name him “The Fuzz” instead of “Fuzzmaster”

  3. mellownmighty says:

    Kinda like “the Fonz” because he’s so cool and laid back? I like it.

    I honestly thought of Gizmo when I first saw all the fuzz. Or even Smokey, because he looks like a little bear.

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    very interesting.

    I have plenty to consider.

  5. Acoff Wife says:

    What in the world!

  6. dtownsend23 says:

    What’s the matter?

  7. birthday girl says:

    I heard both Jennifer Hudson and Faith Hill pre-recorded their songs and lip-sync’ed (sanc? oh hell, I don’t know). What are your thoughts on that, Blogmaster?

  8. dtownsend23 says:

    I actually read an article about that. My heart was slightly saddened by that. I understand WHY it was done, but it did sting. Especially because I thought J.Hudson did an AMAZING job.
    She still did, just not “live”
    What was even sadder (more sad ?) to read was that Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl performance was pre-recorded also!!!

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