Dynasty Championship

After a VERY long break… our National Championship between Cal and ECU finally took place. Who would remain unbeaten between these two titans? only 4 quarters of football can decided that.

I score first within the the opening :11 on a run to the right

ECU works their way down the field to score on a QB sneak. Tie Game.

I lose my RB on an option

2 forced punts later i score again 14-7

QB sneak ties the game again

ECU goes up after halftime 

Late push for a td puts them up 

and a rushed decision late INT costs me any chance of a comback, and the final score is 35-21. 

Both teams played a good game,  and next season will be Electrifying.

Still can’t believe I threw that pass.

Well, for “next season” half of twelvin will join the ring as the head coach of Illinos, and the battle for supremacy starts all over again. It’s still not too late to join in on this. Send me an email with your PSN ID and I can add you (Assuming I know you)

Congratulations to East Carolina University 2009 National Champions.


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