Everything’s Lame

April 9, 2009

Well, here’s something I haven’t done yet: A REAL music review.

As I stalk people keep up to date with current events via Facebook, I had noticed people started mentioning a new mix-tape¬†called “Everything Is Lame” by an artist known as Rufat. In all honesty, I didn’t pay it much mind; A lot of people tend to jump on a friend’s band wagon to promote something (politics, party’s, magazines) Sometimes, it’s for a good cause, sometimes it’s just for helping a friend get their voice heard.

When My friend “Arab Money” mentioned this “Everything is Lame” mix-tape in his status, I was curious and I made it my mission to check the Union the following Wednesday. My friend did me one better; He put me in contact with the artist “Rufat” himself.

As of right now, The artist was unavailable to accept my friend request. However, I do plan on doing a mini-interview with the artist, get some of my questions answered about this mix-tape, and most importantly; tell you if it’s worth your $. Stay tuned.

Who knows,  you might find my Inter-review in the May Issue of Swaggerific Magazine.