Monday 26

May 11, 2009

It’s the Monday after Mother’s Day; I would like to take this time to say Thank you to all the Mothers, Grand-Mothers, God-Mothers, and Mother-figures out there doing what they can to shape the future movers and shakers of the world…

I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging this week; I’m sorry, I’ve just been enjoying my vacation. I’ve also been playing a lot of NCAA Football with my Online Dynasty. We acquired a new coach, he’s going to be in charge of NC State. Personally, I’m not doing as great as I’d like to be going into my conference play (1 – 2) Hopefully I can run through the Pac-10 unscathed and at least make it to the Rose Bowl. Let me take this time to remind everyone that this is all done on a Video Game. We all have Playstation 3’s and we all play NCAA Football against each other, like the real College football teams, only computerized.

The only thing I vented wrote about was my Uncle trying to get me to buy into an Online Pyramid Scheme. Other than that, the week’s been cool.

My dad’s Birthday was on Saturday. He turned 40, and I gave him a call to wish him a Happy Birthday. He’s been a great Dad to me, even through all my shenanigans.

This is a friendly reminder that THIS SATURDAY is FREE RIBS Day @ Shane’s Rib-shack. I would like to let all of my readers know one thing: PLEASE do NOT treat this place like KFC  !!!  this offer is available to the FIRST 100 patrons; not 104, not 117, 100.

My Birthday is 10 9 days away… Soon to be Mrs. Blogmaster says she has something special planned. I’m hoping it’s a PSP. or a new T.V.

and that’s about it.

*edit* Did you know that one of my Favorite cartoons growing up was the Transformers?

Just thought i’d let you know.

Oh wait…  If you are reading this right now, you are super clever, give yourself a pat on the back. Here’s the date for the wedding, I’ll try to give more details later.