Tales of the Cuckoo’s nest: The beginning

July 15, 2009
so you said you smelled smoke up here?

so you said you smelled smoke up here?

It’s been a week since the new neighbors have moved in. Words cannot begin to describe the insanity that has befallen our beloved nest. It’s hard enough dealing with the 4 big birds, now we have these magpies that WON’T SHUT UP !!!

  1. WHY do you have an electric kettle at your desk? I don’t enjoy hearing a kettle whistle while I’m at work.
  2. STOP talking to your kids on the phone so loudly. I don’t need to know that “Timmy” is having a hard time doing his chores, or that “Jessie” is fighting over the remote.
    1. WHY is your office phone so loud whether you are here or not? CUT IT OUT !!!
  3. There IS a difference between speaking and whispering. I suggest you figure out that difference and PICK one.

Come on clock on my Mac… 4:00pm is SO close !!!