Extrav 2009

January 25, 2009

Yesterday, My lil sister, Ms. Blogmaster, MellownMighty, and I all went to see the Battle of the Greek Gods Extrav 2009. Before we even get inside there’s a situation.

I ordered the tickets from ticketmaster.com and according to their website if you have your tickets mailed to you, they should arrive at your house in 48hrs. If they don’t you should contact them. Well, Thursday night, there were no tickets in my mailbox. I was concerned, so Friday morning I gave them a call. The lady on the phone said she would cancel my tickets that were “in the mail” and have new tickets waiting for me at the “Will call” center. I told her don’t worry about it yet, because I wanted to check my mail to see if they would come in today. the lady was insisting on having her way, and I told her I would call back if necessary.

When I got home Tickets were in the mail. Good thing I didn’t cancel them, right?

Wrong. when I got to the door to present my tickets, there was  “something wrong” with them. I was concerned because I knew these tickets weren’t of the bootlegged persuasion.  Come to find out, the lady on the phone went ahead and cancelled my tickets (against my wishes) which ultimately lead to me getting another set from the will call.

That was mildly embarrassing for me.

Anyways, On to the show !!! 

The first thing (after getting our seats for a “General Admission” event) I noticed is that people don’t understand certain concepts.
Like V.I.P.
Tonight the rule was; If you have a band, you get in; if you don’t, go get one or you’re not getting in.

These people didn’t get it.

Oh well, maybe next time.

People never cease to amaze me. Like this one lady with her child.
Here I am taking pictures of the event, and I turn around to take a shot of the crowd, and the lady covers her child’s face.

I’m sorry, are you someone famous?
Then why would I go out of my way to take a picture of you and the lil’ rugrat? I assure you, no one wants to snatch your child away from you. at a stepshow. filled with college kids. yes, i can’t WAIT to take your kid and spend my ‘Net Check on diapers and Formula instead of new games… 

Well, we are closing in on 7pm, with signs of starting actually on time

7:05, never mind

Ok, seriously, no band, no entry. Don’t make this lady get a sign100_2618

Yeah, I need a new camera for these type of events. I’m tired of leaving my fans in the dark. (glow sticks during the Phi Beta Sigma Performance for those who are curious)





*starts taking donations*
7:11 starting to fill up.
7:14 getting dark. DJ announces show’s about to start.

So there’s a member of an organization who has a SERIOUS case of ants in the pants. Keep doing’ ya thing, man. I don’t care how borderline seizure patient you look, do you.

7:18 slightly dark
And the surround sound chants begin. (yes, surround sound because it seemed like there were greek people all around me.

7:20 why is it people don’t know how to sit down? Personally, I blame the music.

Hosts (Greek representatives) get on stage to start the show
Chants begin (again)
Ok, is it me, or do so some of the sorority chants sound a lil too similar ??? Get it together ladies.

LOL @ the nupe breaking his cane (kane?) before things even start

Shout out the que who’s my friend and did his thing on stage (please don’t knock the lights down sir)

LOL at my homie the Iota.

Was I the only person worried the Que would knock that light fixture over?

Wow @ the “college” comedian for killin the accents. Did you really need to curse that much though? there were kids in the audience. 
And shame on the dj for starting the “80’s baby shout out” at ’85.  Jerk.

Kappa Alpha Psi just finished their show. It was decent. There was only one cane casualty during the performance. Acrobatics were good, audio syncs were slightly off, a leg slip or 2, and a great Obama appearance. I interviewed a Greek Member and he had this to say on their performance

It was original and entertaining. Not that much stepping, the show was half skits and dancing. its a STEP show, and the stepping was minimal and weak. Boggles my mind how you can place in a step show without really stepping well.

This year Zeta Phi Beta decided to show how sweet they are by having their own chocolate factory. The set was large and extravagant, the storyline loosely followed Mr. Wonka’s story. The stepping was crisp for the most part. I think someone fell. I’m not sure if it was  intentional; which is a good sign of showmanship, right?  

A member of a sorority that I interviewed said “Had ‘that Zeta’ not fallen, it would have been interesting (to see how the judges would have gone with their votes)” 

A member of a fraternity that I interview believes that it was in fact the fall that affected how the judges voted. 

Oh, and Shouts out to one of my favorite Zetas for doing her thing as “the chocolate factory owner” lady. 


They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I’m pretty sure that is not what Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity had in mind when they did something no one was expecting. They also did a Wonka theme.

One Greek person had this to say on what might be seen as copy-catting: “Alphas need to stop stealing themes (2nd time they’ve done it)”

( He is referring to last years performance where the Alphas and Iotas both had a “Zombie Theme”)

They used a smaller amount of props. But looks like they needed that extra room for the amount of people they used.
Not gonna lie, but I think they did a good job. Mr. Wonka was pretty entertaining, and all in all I didn’t have many complaints. Will they repeat as step champs?

I asked each of the people that I interviewed if they felt that the usage of the same theme was a case of  espionage or “great minds thinking alike”.  The general consensus seems to be that it was just coincidental that both teams used the same theme. One person was disappointed in either team using the “Willy Wonka” theme because he felt it was no longer orginal and he felt that it’s been done hundreds of times.

*after a quick youtube search, it was hard to find many, but then again, who really uses ‘tags’ on youtube? *

One girl had this to say about the repeating of themes:

“I thought that was a lil odd…i was kinda messed up to see the Zetas do the wonka theme and I think they did it good and then see the Alphas do it Great!….but i think they probrably found out each othere were doin it but decided to go a head with the plan”

It’s been brought to the crowds attention Iota Phi Theta will not be stepping. I wonder why not… (after my interviews I was told this information is classified)

I swear if I hear THIS song ONE more time… *sighs* 

OK I’ve seen some big sets so far, but Delta Sigma Theta takes the cake
Well that was a good performance. They had a hotel theme. Guest starring Katt Williams (NSFW !!!)
There was a good amount of props. I was personally taken by the bells. (look closely at the ground for them)
And stepping on the 2nd floor. There wasn’t much to complain about honestly. 

There was a fish sighting other than the one sitting by me. We seen you, we seen you…

Omega Psi Phi decided to give the crowd a blast from the past by working as a deep south chain gang.
there were a couple prison jokes and some high flying acrobatics
They had a couple Negro spirituals and all in all I felt they did more hopping than stepping, but that’s just me.  One Fraternity member had this to say in regards to the “Hopping vs. Stepping” : “their (Omega Psi Phi’s) feet made loud contact with the ground. Its a step.”

OK, this song will be spoken about on Monday

Good point. I will say this, I couldn’t even ATTEMPT to do all those splits =

*This just in: Alpha Kappa Alpha will not be performing either*

I gotta say “DJ spotlight” is a fun game

Sigma Gamma Rho was the last female performers. A young lady summed it up best when she said “the stepping was really nice, but the surrounding show wasn’t that good”

They took an “MTV: Made” approach to  it. The performance needed polish. The stepping was great.

OK, I’m happy for the “change” that has swept the nation, but can we stop playing this please???

Phi Beta Sigma was the last group to perform. They took an extended look at the fight scene in this video. Overall it was OK, nothing spectacular.
Walter Dix made an appearance. it’s like they took a safe approach to this years performance. 

I asked a few people how they felt about the performance.  One young lady felt that since it was a bunch of new members of the fraternity performing, they have some learning to do. She also felt the Organization was robbed last year.

As a matter of fact, a few people I spoke to felt like Phi Beta Sigma was robbed last year. One member had this to say.

Well, its something we unfortunately are familiar with. Since we came back, Extrav ’06 everyone STRONGLY felt the Michael jackson show should have taken the trophy. Same story in 07, and 08. I don’t know if there is something against us but who knows.

Well, the scores are being tallied.
Personally I’d give it to… Ha, doesn’t matter what I think, I’m not a judge.

High five to the president of the NPHC reminding everyone attending that they are students first above all else.
The young lady who received the award was very gracious for it. 

Approx 3000 people were in attendance, compared to last year’s 1500 in Ruby Diamond.

2nd place for ladies: Zeta Phi Beta
2nd place for dudes: Kappa Alpha Psi
1st place for ladies: Delta Sigma Theta (repeat champs)
1st place for dudes: Alpha Phi Alpha (repeat champs also)

Outside of the “copy-catting” witnessed this year, everyone seems to feel that this years winners deserved it. some felt the winners were steps above the rest, some felt a “slip” was all it took. 

Personally? The winners deserved it… let’s just avoid copycatting next year 🙂

Congrats to the winners
Everyone else, keep practicing. no one likes a three-peat (except the bulls)