Mobile moment 5

January 17, 2009

OK so “no racism” but I was shocked to see a white guy in my barbers chair when I arrived. I wasn’t mad or anything, I was just “surprised” 

I guess with a new president, new walls are being broken down. 
Maybe I should check out the barbershop by my job… you know, the one with the guy who has Popsicles in his basement? (slightly nsfw)


OK, it’s 2009, can we cut THIS out, please??? 

So, I’m hanging out at my house… and I hear a party at the lake pond… 

Looks like someone has a new line.  (just kidding, please no hate mail.) 

Alright, I’m not “Greek” and I may not understand how “greek” things work, but…

If you play the “diss stroll” anthem at your event, shouldn’t there be multiple organizations there ?  (not even sure why I couldn’t find that link here, but that’s for another blog)

Also, if you play the “unity stroll” anthem… again, multiple organizations please?

I’m just saying…