Friday !!!

March 6, 2009

Well now THIS is a first. I usually don’t write on Fridays…

well, not intentionally. 

With this being the eve of Spring Break up here, I want to wish everyone safe travels.

that, and to NOT end up on the news… 

What are your plans ? will you go up north? head out west? go crazy in Mexico ?

tell me all about it.

Oh, and Pictures… send me pictures !!! 

Personally, I’ll be home just enjoying the week. I’ll be working Monday-Wednesday; M. Bison doesn’t like me too far away from the organization, I guess. I’ll see what this town I live in has to offer.

Actually, I’ll be playing a lot of video games. Not an unhealthy amount; but a healthy amount.  There will still be blogs next week… depending on creativity and all of that. Another friend of mine has decided to make their own blog: more on that later.

Monday Post 12 *Updated*

February 2, 2009

Hey Everybody 

It’s Monday. Super Bowl Champions have been crowned (I was supposed to go to a REALLY good party, but something came up).

Jennifer Hudson did an AMAZING job singing the National Anthem.

The Commercials this year were alright. I’m intrigued by the new Star Trek, saddened by not getting 3-D glasses to watch the commercials , and perplexed by the “new” “The Fast & The Furious” Movie.

Oh, and I loved the coke commercial with the online avatars.

and the coke commercial with the “A Bug’s Life” meets “Peter and the Wolf“. 

Am I (and the land of the ‘Noles, Rattlers, and Eagles) The only one’s who’s going to miss out on Denny’s kindness ? on Tuesday (2/3/09) they will be giving away FREE Grand Slam Breakfast’s to everyone. Free. Food. ALL of America. 

*The Denny’s Website was unavailable for comment as of last night*

Here’s what you might have missed since my last Monday Post

There was my fist Locked Post by way of a young E-Thug

I gave my first “I beat the Game” review.

Someone yelled about someone going to hell literally.

MellownMighty had a warm & fuzzy moment.

I introduced and implemented my facebook stalking new funny facebook status watch. (Don’t forget send me emails by Thursday.

There was bear on bear Violence in an office this week.

I had an interesting photo shoot

Finally, I discussed the possibilities of using the BCS system for graduation.

I picked up the “Afro Samurai” game over the weekend. I haven’t started playing it yet, I got other games schoolwork to tend to first.

** Happy Birthday to a special Canadian Bunny who turned 21 today; Enjoy the day and don’t get into too much trouble, and don’t end up in a Canadian Tabloid please 🙂  ** 

Ok, I am thoroughly convinced that FISH stands for “Females In Secret Holdings from others”

I was chatting with #5 Last night *rewind* 

A few days before #5 had a mysterious FaceBook status alluding to the fact she had a surprise for a lot of people. Naturally, my “CSI-Senses” were tingling. I started asking questions, but all she would tell me is that it “involved nicknames” and that “a lot of love went into it”.  she also said that #11 might know something about it…

Anytime you’re ready #11 🙂 



it’s official, I’m getting a dog. 

Not just any dog, but a dog I actually want.


Yes, this little dark brown ball of fuzz will be MINE. 

I hope…  

He’s a Pomeranian, and I’ve already started thinking of names for him… 

Fuzzmaster sounds like a winner to me … 





I’m presented with a few options as far as getting him.

If we buy him now, we could:

  1. Try to “sneak” him into our complex and duck the pet fees and additional pet rent.
  2. Pay the pet fees and additional pet rent.
  3. Let him stay with a “Pet-Godparent” until we move. (is now taking applications)

*sighs* I’m at a crossroad… (NSFW!!!) *OK, here’s the real one*  I would hate to miss out on that ball of fuzz. He’s laid back, he wasn’t yipping and yapping like most “little dogs” like to do. and Mrs Blogmaster thought he was adorable which means she would be happy with him, which means I Win !!! 

What am I to do?

** Update ** We’ve decided to wait until the summer. I want to thank the Foster Mother for opening her doors. We reserve the right to use you on a later basis

Status Watch Intro

January 28, 2009

Trying something new… 

Since I’m on facebook all the time often, I figured I’d watch people’s statuses, and the funny/interesting ones will find their way here. I will be keeping them as i see them except for inappropriate language…  oh and names, I’ll just use initials. 

If the whole “status thread” is good enough, it might find it’s way here too… You have until Friday (1/30) to impress and amaze.

Thanks to Fish #7 for the inspiration

P.s. if you see a funny status on your friends status. send me an email (via facebook or and i’ll hold it for consideration

New Author

January 20, 2009

So… I’ve added a new author to the fold.

It’s MellownMighty !!!

She will be posting first in a new series I’d like to call “I beat the game”.

In order to actually make one of these… you have to beat the game you’re playing. 

For now, we will leave it to actual console games… 

Maybe a handheld or 2 if it’s really good.

No World of Warcraft… sorry.

I’m working on one right now.

Ala81 laid the foundation here.

Now, it’s Mellow’s turn. Mine is on it’s way.

MondayPost 8

January 5, 2009

Well, it’s here.

The first Monday of 2009 !!!

How did you spend your new years?

Mine was alright, but Ms. Blogmaster was at work, and Heather had left me… so I spent it with my PS3.

So, As always, here’s what you may have missed from last year week:

You might be wondering how did that visit go. Honestly, not as bad as I thought; It could have been MUCH worse. I guess I can finally shed my mental image of my “Old World Parents” and take up this New and Improved version of them.

However, I will NOT have them sleep over any more; Yes, they DID sleep on the futon like I said they would, but they need their OWN bed when they come up here; we don’t have a “Guest Bedroom” yet, so a hotel will have to do.

My little sister is also up here now, and it’s not that bad. I won’t be babysitting her, I might tell her how to find things, or let her know how things work on campus, but that will be about it.

Yes, we’ll hang out ever now and then, but we’re both adults and we’re leading our own lives.

p.s. I got a funny clip… but i’m saving it.

Welcome to 2009

January 1, 2009

Hello to all my new and old blog fans. Welcome to 2009.

As promised, I am now search-able on the Internet. If you go to your favorite Internet Search engine and type in “dtownsend23” This blog should pop up. If it doesn’t, give it some time; I’m sure the “Internet Hunters” will catch on soon enough.

For everyone else reading my blog for the first time; Welcome.

I like to talk about all sorts of topics. Most of it will be randomly meaningful things that pop up, other things will be just for a laugh, and some will fit in both.

To get you started, I recommend that you check the “Rules of This Blog” page first to see how things work around here.

If you are looking for some posts to start out with check out these “Reader Favorites”:

There are many other gems on this blog… you just have to find them.

Other than that, have fun, post comments, and be entertained


D. Blogmaster


December 29, 2008

It’s the Last Monday of 2008 !!!

I cannot believe that the year is almost over, and the new year is almost upon us. Like I mentioned before, my sister (with our parents) will be up here on Saturday (which happens to be the FIRST Saturday of 2009 !!!) 

Well, let’s start  off with what you might have missed this week:

I saw Eagle Eye and questioned the future of Technology

I realized the Holidays are the New Matrix

My Mistress may be on her last leg  

Now for some new stuff:

First, Garnet & Gold (which happens to be the BEST store for FSU Clothes and memorabilia) is having a Store-wide sale. 25% off everything that’s not framed or already on sale. This deal is only good at the store on W. Pensacola (which is NOT to be confused with that “bookstore” on E. Pensacola) they’re open till 5 today. tell them the Blogmaster sent ya !

As many of you know, I plan on finally unleashing my thoughts and ideas upon the rest of the Internet at the start of the new year. Since September, I have been asking lots of my friends, and associates to read my work, and give their opinions. This is coming up to the one of the last posts for the new year. I implore that the less trepid of my readers (yes, trepid is the word of the day) to put a reply up on this post with any last minute tidbits of advice you may have for me (or my up and coming “mini-staff” )

Don’t be scared, we won’t bite; but HE might (a curse word slips out, just turn down the volume if you’re at work) 


Something else I’ve decided to do is post a “Rules of my Blog” page. The purpose of this post/page is to explain how my blog works, how to respond to posts, and where you can find various things on my blog. For Example, if you type in any combination of words in the search bar over there  —————>  you will get back a list of posts containing those words, WOW !!! 


Don’t tell anyone I told you this but…

A friend of mine of the Feline Persuasion is entering the blog world. That’s all I’m allowed to say. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m getting in trouble for even saying this much.

I also have another friend who’s working on a political website… but they are having some legal issues with their webmaster. Here’s hoping they get that handled soon. 

Well, that’s about all I have for today.  

Once again, I want to thank EVERYONE who’s ever read my blog, or written a response, or given me an idea for a post. It is always appreciated, and I promise to give my all when I sit down to this laptop (or walk with my iPhone). I also promise to stay consistent, unless there is need for change.

and Finally, If you have a blog, and you want to be “blog pals” drop me a line, let’s network and take over the world Internet blog-world