Statehood of Sneezing

*sniffles* sorry šŸ˜¦

I used to joke about this when I first moved to Florida in 2000. I would tell people that I was allergic to the State. Naturally, everyone laughed it off (like they always do) I did too for a little.

I went to the Doctor yesterday for a check-up (gotta be a healthy blogmaster) and as I chatted with my Doctor, she thinks that I might be allergic to something in the air.

This morning I woke up, sneezing, barely breathing. While at work, I almost went through an entire box of Kleenex.

*sniffles* where’s my Nasonex šŸ˜¦

Should I care that your cousin is the Honey Nut Bee? No, Just help me breathe !!!

Do I care that your cousin is the Honey-Nut Cheerios Bee? NO, just help me BREATHE !!!

What are YOU allergic to ? let’s talk about it.


2 Responses to Statehood of Sneezing

  1. Acoff Wife says:

    I feel you. I think I am really allergic. I go in the building just fine, I log in, and it starts. I go outside and I am clear as can be. So it is something wrong with the state buildings. Most days i just suffer from Anal Blindness.

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