Facebook Stalking upgrade

I’m not sure how many of my Facebook friends/fans know, but Facebook is making it easier to find people from the Internet. It’s like they are slowly becoming the next Myspace !!!

Whatever happened to the GOOD old days where facebook was around just for college students. Then Teachers started getting in on facebook, then strangers, and now Oprah is even on Facebook.

WTF????? (where’s the fence if you’re wondering…)

To add insult to injury, facebook is now giving users the “option” of having a username instead of the random numbers that usually follows “www.facebook.com/” check out the story and judge for yourself.

I understand that they want to make it “easier” for friends and loved ones to find you, but here’s the thing: all of my friends and family that is ON facebook and wants to find me, already did. If they haven’t found me by now, it’s probably for the better. Besides, how much more information can we make readily available for future employers ???

I’m not here bashing on forward progress: I have a degree in Information Technology, I BREATHE innovation, I’m always looking for what’s new in the world of technology. However, I draw the line at making it easier for “anyone” to find me online that I don’t want to find me.

What do you think? does Facebook have the right idea? or are they making it easier for stalkers to find new people to stalk? comment on it, and let’s talk about this.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a quiz to find out “which 80s/90s cartoon character” I am

6 Responses to Facebook Stalking upgrade

  1. Tour Guide says:

    No, no, no, and no! What is this, myspace? Can I be http://www.facebook.com/XxXhugzNkissezXxx696969? I mean, seriously… this is not necessary.

    The people who want to be found (by family, employers, etc.) will make their profile “public” and searchable via Google… those of us who like to keep our social lives somewhat private will not have those settings (I don’t have anything to hide, I just don’t want a future principal seeing a past status and judging me!). I feel like it’s already too easy for people to find me! Why in the WORLD would I want to make it any easier?!

    I’m ready for a new “facebook”… something I can put my REAL life on and not have to worry about censoring my status updates. At least for awhile, until they open it to everybody and his brother.

    Bring back the OLD facebook!!

  2. Peach Cleaves says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what facebbok has evolved into now- a change happens almost every month and more and more of your information is discreetly being exposed…but, hey WE LOVE YOU Mark Zuckerberg!!!!!!!

  3. mellownmighty says:

    I’m scared that Facebook is slowly turning into Myspace by allowing this change and we all know that Myspace is like the “bad” neighborhood of the social networking world.

    I completely agree with Tour Guide about her dream of a “new” facebook but until that day…


  4. Maven says:

    I love the fact that old friend found me, but the whole username thing I’m not running with.

    I prefer using it for close friend and finding family. I can’t stand those games, and tests that I never have time to finish…

  5. Acoff Wife says:

    don’t seem like I will be on there too much longer. humm should i tweet lol

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