Battle of the Ribs

During my Travels in Jacksonville a while ago, my super cool Tour Guide took me a place who has their own sauce for ribs… you know what that means:

We're a big deal; We sell our own Sauce

We're a big deal; We sell our own Sauce


Sticky Fingers of Jacksonville vs.  Shane’s Rib-Shack of Tallahassee.

As I sit in the new place, I must say that  I’m impressed with the overall design of the place it’s a little more upscale than Shane’s, but I think that’s mainly because they are after a different crowd. They have live music Friday and Saturday nights and they are located near the beach. Our Server for the evening was actually a cool guy, he was to the point, answered our questions and made pretty good suggestions. I get the Rib sampler and my Tour Guide gets a Chicken Salad; she tells me that she’s allergic to BBQ sauce…

I wept for her Stomach…

Alright, on to the food !!!

I'm sure we're better than Tallahassee; We put lime on OUR ribs.

I'm sure we're better than Tallahassee; We put lime on OUR ribs.

First, I have the Dry Rub ribs.  I must admit, the meat itself was very moist and prepared right; I just  wasn’t impressed with the rub flavoring; I’m very glad I had soda to help wash it all down.
They lost points for having a bug in my tour guide’s salad. It was very disturbing actually. They were nice in handling the situation quickly. Her food was free; I still had to pay for mine… needless to say I was looking for a way to get free food cautious of my own food …

The Tennessee whiskey ribs were alright, they had an interesting flavor, I blame it on the alcohol

Who does caramel apples with the skin intact ??? that was NOT cool.

LOL at their TVs not in sync; they were about 3 seconds off. They were the same channel. I’m not trying to nit-pick, I just think it was especially funny.

alright, I’m 3 styles of ribs down and honestly I don’t think they’re better than Shane’s… They are tasty and cooked well, just not what I was looking for, my palate isn’t impressed
What is the big idea with my soda costing more than a beer… Seriously, why must I be punished for not wanting alcohol ?

Well, I have finally finished my meal and reached a verdict: although the place was nice, server on point and food pretty decent, their ribs were not as enjoyable as Shane’s. But then again, what do I know ?  I was raised in Brooklyn.

If you know of a place that has really good ribs, let me know I shall check them out.


6 Responses to Battle of the Ribs

  1. Jesse R. says:

    Allergic to BBQ? WTF?

  2. Jesse R. says:

    There used to be a place behind the Wok and Roll (now known as China Delight; great Chinese food there) called Wilson’s. It was the best ribs I ever had, but unfortunately they’ve been replaced by some “Aphrodesiac Oyster Shack.” I cried when I saw that.

    Famous Dave’s is my new go-to place for ribs.

  3. Tour Guide says:

    yes, yes, allergic to BBQ. Actually, the vinegar in said sauce is the real culprit.

    I know… it’s sad. I LOVE barbecue.

  4. wsmw85 says:

    Seriously, Sticky Fingers. Everyone knows that Jenkins has the best ribs in Jacksonville, Fl.

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