Family Hustlers


How is it that I BARELY graduated from college, and already family is calling trying to get my “help”

I’m all for helping family; I really am, but REALLY???

My uncle calls me @ 10:40pm from an unrecognized number. At first I didn’t want to answer, but I figured it was a family member.

First he spends the first close to 45 minutes talking around and around trying not to give me his identity and “pitch” me Internet ideas. After the charades went away,we started talking… about his “businesses” =/

Which was funny because mid conversation he suggested that I find another field of work (Medicine) so that I will have a job that won’t be outsourced. I get what he’s trying to say, but don’t try to use my “current skills” for your own money.

I posted a status on facebook wondering why this was happening. I expressed my sadness in being unable to just shut this all down.  pinkrose16 chimed in with her own opinion.

she felt that “Its easier to trick green, fresh out of college family members into doin something with you. Especially when they have the whole “older respect” power over you (uncle, aunt, grandparent, parent) “

In all honesty, I agree with her. The whole time I was talking to him, he kept reminding me about how I’m a “college graduate” and I “know so much about these things” and how “inexperienced” he is with this.  A friend of mine chimed in and thought that maybe I was being pessimistic from the start.

not gonna lie, I’ve heard my fair share of pyramid schemes and I’m still not down. I also tried to let my uncle know that I wasn’t interested, but for some reason he felt he could keep talking to me about it =/

My phone “died” after almost 2hrs of talk. I really don’t want to deal with this. Why is it family members try to talk you into every “get rich quick” scheme they stumble upon. If I knew that graduating from college would but a bulls-eye on my back for these I would have told Momma Blogmaster to NOT tell the family. =/

Am I over-reacting? am I an ungrateful nephew ? in all honesty, I might have heard from him once or twice since I came to college; but now he wants my advice on some websites of his? I think not.

*I would like to apologize for the lack of polish on this blog… just slightly frustrated and tired.


6 Responses to Family Hustlers

  1. wsmw85 says:

    Well, thats how some people are in this world. It would have been the same if they think you have money or certain network connections. You can’t be too upset because thats just his entrepreneurial spirit. Who is better to help out in his business venture then family. They are cheap and more tolerable his bull snickety. Believe me you were not the first person he pitched his idea too, you were just next on the list. You are not over-reacting because this is new to you but with a little more time you will get use to it and will acquire the knowledge to handle these type of things. The best that you can do is just politely decline the offer and refer him to someone who could possible help him. Pick your battles!

  2. mellownmighty says:

    I think everybody has friends and family members like that. At least you didn’t fall for it.

    I deal with this EVERYDAY with my change of major. “That major doesn’t make enough money” and that just makes me feel like they only say that because they wanted to be able to ask me if they “could hold something” when I graduated and got a job. *kicks chair over*

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    It’s like he was trying to boost my ego, question my major choice, AND sign me up for his pyramid in one phone call !!!

    at 11pm

    Where was he when I was a College struggler ?

    I didn’t get into an argument with him or anything like that, and I don’t have a problem being “cheap labor” for family, but within reason !!!

    Pyramid Schemes are NOT within reason !!!

  4. Acoff Wife says:


    He took some time to think about you! May not be in the way you would like…and it would have been nice to have him call you a little more often instead of when he needs you.
    Family is family and each person chose to deal with them differently. If it is not in your heart to help or deal with it, let him know (he may think of you ungrateful) but don’t let this weigh you down. You are a fresh grad you got some things that YOU want to see and experience for YOURSELF and a future (wife) that you have to make sure you both are secure. 2 hours of talk (to me) you gave him some false hope. Keep in mind always that you have to make sure YOU are standing on your two feet before you can “help” someone else. If you can’t help yourself then…

    • dtownsend23 says:

      I just want to know WHY people keep getting roped in on Pyramid Schemes, and then want to pull everyone else around them…

      Even when I Tried to politely decline, he just kept going 😦

  5. mellownmighty says:

    I really hope this doesn’t weigh you down, too. Besides, everyone has given excellent advice and after reading your latest comment, I have another piece of advice to add on:

    Ignore him. He’s being pushy and stubborn and you were handling the situation in a very polite manner.
    So I just want you put on your “Super A——” hat the next time he calls and just hit the ignore button.

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