Really??? Part 3

There has been a reason I haven’t spoken about BETs “College Hill” for a couple of weeks.

yes, besides finishing projects so I can Graduate,

and yes besides making password protected posts, only to have a game setup nearby…

I have been personally avoiding “College Hill” like the swine flu because there is TOO much drama. it’s not even entertainment anymore… it’s just sad.

from the “phantom vomits”, people threatening others with pool sticks, people getting kicked out, and SOMEONE having bulimia… it’s too much.

I’m not sure how many of you have kept up with my previous posts in the “Really” series. Here’s Part 1, and here’s part 2.

I would like to take the time to say that the views expressed on THIS blog by THIS poster are the views of mine and mine alone. Please do not take my opinions for the absolute truth. If you feel that I have looked at a certain topic incorrectly, I am more than willing to discuss it in the replies and even type a retraction; if need be.

With that said:

WHAT in the WORLD is going on with “Mr. FAMU” ???

where do you come off attacking the new member on the bus as if you’re trying to haze them into your secret order of friends ?

OK, before I go any further, Watch this clip. you only need to watch just watch the whole thing. I’ll wait.

– thanks to Urban Televizion for the video

Like I was saying: REALLY Mr. FAMU ???

what did this young woman do to you? she JUST got on the bus, is trying to get acclimated with the group (it wasn’t HER fault she came to the show late) who are you to start attacking this woman?

Even IF she did have body odor; your reply wasn’t needed. How are you gonna make an announcement about how you “done cut on da hot wadder”  for someone to take a shower. When Allison decided to come to the defense of the new girl, Kyle decides to turn it up a notch. THEN when apparently Allison goes “too far” he wants to run outside to the beach with a drink and start crying ???  and the “peanut gallery” decides THAT is too far.


Why is it everyone is willing to tolerate the mess of Kyle, and the MOMENT someone decides to fight back it’s “too much” ??? Kyle throws the race card and no one told him he went too far then…

Someone in the replies for my first blog on “College Hill” mentioned that Kyle is tolerated like “the drunk relative at the family reunion”. I don’t have a family member like that, so I guess I cannot “comprehend” the joy I’m missing… but, If I were to have such a family member, I don’t think their actions would be tolerated as such.  Then again, what do I know ? I don’t write blogs for ESPN

*not hating on the artist at all, just giving him some free attention.

Do I condone Allison bringing up Kyle’s Family situation? no, not really; things said in confidence should be kept in confidence. However, if you’re gonna make fun of people and try to embarrass them just so you can look good for the “in crowd” PLEASE be prepared for any of your own skeletons to be pointed out.



3 Responses to Really??? Part 3

  1. pink16roses says:

    amen! First let me say that I am not in Tally and did not know that Kyle was Mr. Famu. If I were tho. I would have been sure to make it my business to go off on him in person. In my intro to psych class they talk about people like Kyle. He clearly has issues within himself and he projects them onto other people. Clearly none of the other house members respect him which is why they all laugh at his lashing out. They don’t care. The reason they stood up for him is because he is really a child inside and children dont always know that what they say hurts people’s feelings.

    And whats with the white dude jumpin up all mad? what does he have to be mad about??? as my father would say, “there’s no love in this house!” lmfao!

  2. mellownmighty says:

    Um, I had a convo on IM with you during this wonderful episode. This was the FIRST and LAST time I have ever watched College Hill.

    I wish Kyle would stop it. It’s irritating as all get out and he just looks dumb.

    Pink, I’ve taken intro to psych, so I know what you’re talking about. My take on the child thing is this: If you are old enough and big & bad enough to say/do it, you are big & bad enough to get dealt with. Those type of people need help before the RIGHT one comes and “helps” them, like Allison did.

    I felt that what Allison did was a low blow but the fact that he didn’t think about how much he was hurting others every time he acted out makes it fair and square to me.

    • dtownsend23 says:

      was this the episode? I need to pay attention to foolishness more often I guess…

      I won’t be going out of my way to watch the show anymore, but if I run into it…

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