Free Ribs !!!

I wanted to be the FIRST person to break this news:

on May 16th, 2009 Shane’s Rib Shack will be giving free ribs to the first 100 people to show up !!!
Ms. Blogmaster and I went Last year, and we were #10 & #11 respectively.

I want to pass this news on to all of my readers, so they too can have free Ribs…

Just one thing; If any of my friends manage to get to the place before I do… (I plan on being there early) please feel free to give your friendly blogmaster a Line Skip :). If I happen to be there before my friends, I will give a Line Skip to the FIRST person who gets there and tells me that they read about the event on my line*

I will be reminding you again as the event gets closer.

*This offer can and will be revoked if I am past the first 80. I love my readers, but I will NOT give up free ribs for you.

p.s. I’m still working on this afternoon’s Probate, I’ll try to have it up tonight.


2 Responses to Free Ribs !!!

  1. Acoff Wife says:

    I am making our request now for a line skip.

    • dtownsend23 says:

      It doesn’t work that way. :-p

      you gotta be the first reader at the location first…

      although I will keep you in mind; this would be a great way to clear my “Chips n Dip” debt.

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