What a Night

drink in each hand

A drink in each hand, you only turn 21 once, right?


forgive me I’m still a little sleepy/dizzy from my “Vodka & Food Coloring”  on an empty stomach.

So last night, The entire work force (well, the cool side at least) went out to celebrate the Foster Mother’s Birthday !!!  (I still have to work something out with MnM)


Yes, I did take a picture of the birthday girl having her picture taken by her bf...

We went to TGIFs and we were close to 30 deep. FM brought her school mates, the musical boyfriend (as opposed to the non-musical boyfriend…) a few of his friends, Ms. Blogmaster was there also…

One Day Foster Mom, one day...

One Day Foster Mom, one day...

A lot happened that night. a few jokes were made, and there was fun to be had by all. FM had 5 shots and 4 drinks when I left and was in pretty stable condition except for a high-pitched squeak at the end of her statements.

We almost had a battle of tables while we were there. It seems someone else was having a birthday that day (apparently, it happens) and they were being loud… so we had to get loud back. No one got hurt.  I probably would have had more details if I were allowed to take notes as the night progressed, but Ms. Banana and “the new girl” insisted I do no such thing.



This was how we left her that night... I hope she's ok this morning.


3 Responses to What a Night

  1. Foster Mother says:

    add another shot after you left and still quite stable…

  2. Chaquita Banana says:

    I’m pleased to report FM is alive and functioning at the workplace 🙂 I’m also proud that I (and my liver) survived a 21st b-day AND a bachelorette party in under 5 days!

    PS Someone needs to teach FM how to drive a manual car…asap!

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