Swaggerific Magazine

I’m here to make an announcement of sorts:

Swaggerific Magazine will be released to the general (online) public April 1oth.

This is the opportunity I was talking about; I will be the official video game writer (what a surprise) I will review games that are out and coming out soon, giving my honest opinion.

I will more than likely stick to the main stream titles for the sake of the “demographic” of the magazine. (no one really says “Swag” and “Pokemon” in the same sentence with a straight face) This also gives me the opportunity to play certain games I would normally avoid because I know better they aren’t my cup of tea.

I’ll more than likely hit up most of the sports games, fighting games… you know the games rappers play. I’ll probably use the chance to open up the eyes of gamers who feel they are too “Swag-tastically endowed” to play certain games. It shall be a learning experience for all parties involved.

The life of the magazine depends on you the consumer. The more people read/demand it the better chances there will be for more issues (possibly in print format). so tell your friends and tell them to tell friends.

Once again; Swaggerific Magazine, Online, April 1oth 2009. Check back here the day of for links.


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