Engagement Plans

For today, and today only; I shall reveal the plans to how I shall ask for Ms. Blogmaster’s hand in marriage.

First, I shall get on one knee.

Then, I shall produce a ring from my pocket.

Then, I shall say something romantically sentimental; something along the lines of how “you complete me” and other generically romantic phrases.

Finally, I shall ask her to spend the rest of her life with me.

Hopefully, she will say yes.

The End.

oh, and today is  April Fools

Shame on you for thinking I would really disclose the full details to my mastermind plan.

Ms. Blogmaster, if you’re reading this…  Love you !!!


10 Responses to Engagement Plans

  1. Chaquita Banana says:

    I can’t believe I completely fell for it! I’m so blonde!

  2. Jesse R. says:

    If you don’t have real plans to engage, you’ve incurred Ms. Blogmaster’s wrath.

  3. What's a Wh-a-le ? says:

    Really? With the produce a ring link?
    You are such a loser… No april fools…

  4. Acoff Wife says:

    I had to read this! lol I just knew that you weren’t that special! lol. I and thank God you are not.

    • dtownsend23 says:

      Honestly, anyone who does read this thinking I would be that “special” doesn’t know me that well…

      Although I did think about releasing the “real” plans on a random day @ 6am… for 30mins.

  5. ablindmind says:

    The Real april fools of it all would have been when she said yes…

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