Random Thought 5

I swear… it must be “Bosses get into stalker mode” day…

I’ve got TWO blogs that I can’t finish.

MnM has a blog or 2 in the works…

Ala81… well, he’s coming with one. (Eventually)

Stay patient everyone; Check back here around 2:30- 3pm today. 

Wow… you have no idea how hard it was to post THIS note !!!  M.Bison will catch one of these if she doesn’t stop.


2 Responses to Random Thought 5

  1. mellownmighty says:

    Man, WHAT BLOGS?!? I’m surprised I even have time to type this comment.

    My supervisors just put my butt in time out for leaning over and asking my neighbor a WORK-RELATED question. I was told that we would be separated if we did it again.

    Lord, hold my mule.

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