Childhood Memories or Company Milkers ?

Power Rangers


Street Fighter

Mega Man

What do these things have in common? Besides being from Japan.

Give up? 

they have been around for what seems like forever, and their respective companies won’t let them go.

*you see my chest !!!*

*clears throat* Like I was saying… 

Some of them deserve to keep going

some, not so much

I had a conversation with someone earlier today, and the question that was hard to answer was  “Why?”

Why were these brands still alive

I did some looking around on Wikipedia research. Here’s what I found:

  • Power Rangers has been running in America since 1993. 
  • Pokemon hit America in 1996.
  • Street Fighter II was released in 1992.
  • Mega Man was released in 1987.

These brands have been around for at least a decade !!! (it’s been 13 years for Pokemon). It’s funny because somehow these 4 brands have been able to get milked by their companies reinvent themselves to still be around.

*Yes, I’m aware that there are other brands out there that have been around for who knows how long, but this isn’t about them. *

We know one company had counting problems… (I’m looking at you Capcom)

the other was able to recycle things every couple season… (Bandai/Fox/Disney)

and the last company… Just kept making things up, and was able to keep printing their own money (Nintendo

As we get older, we notice these things and usually leave them alone; but our little brothers and sisters who were too young to hang out with us are just now catching these things, and that’s how these companies can keep these gravy trains running. 

What do you think? should these keep going? I dunno about you, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to see

“Ultra-Hyper-Mega-Unbelievably Long title- Super Street Fighter 7 Amazing final director’s edition”

or ANY more Power Rangers…

or Pokemon 1,001.

What other brands can you think of that’s been around forever and need to give it a rest?


6 Responses to Childhood Memories or Company Milkers ?

  1. says:

    I feel you on most of this. The other night i went to a movie and saw a trailer for the story of Chung Li . All i could think was out of errbody in the Street Fighter cliq Chung Li is the one i want to see a movie about. On the other hand , Power Rangers (bootleg Voltron) to me are a guilty pleasure its like watch a bad martial arts movie that lasts 30 mins

  2. weakvsfire says:

    I saw a trailer for that Street Fighter movie recently on tv. I know I saw on a website that they were going to do one, but I thought maybe production stopped or something, because that was a few years ago and I hadn’t heard anymore about it until now. I haven’t even played Street Fighter since 1994. I don’t know who the new characters are or what else they’ve added to this story, but from what I hear it’s nothing I’m familiar with.

    Yes companies will continue with what they believe brings them money for infinity if they can help it. Companies I guess want to say they have classics….things that have been around for years and years and years and years and….so on

    Fox, I don’t think, plans on letting go of the Simpsons if they can help it and I can see them eyeballing American Idol the same way.

  3. Jesse R. says:

    My personal favorite long name is “Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix” or SSF2THDRM for short. That’s a real title by the way. I own it, and it’s awesome.

  4. dtownsend23 says:

    I bought it also. yes, it is indeed fun.
    I am also purchasing Street Fighter 4.

  5. Jesse R. says:

    PS3 or XBox 360?

    I put my order in for SF4 (PS3) yesterday so I expect it next week. My PSN ID is esb422. I shun the 360 because I’m snobbish and don’t like my systems to burn.

  6. dtownsend23 says:

    PS3 also. I just was never an ex-bot fan.

    be on the look out for your invite.

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