Mobile Moment 10

Ok today (on Monday, Sorry for the late post) I have been convinced that there needs to be an age limit on drivers

If you can’t tell from the picture (iPhone’s have no zoom) It was an accident involving 3 cars. I mean they were responsible in calling the right people, and exchanging insurance information, but I wonder what CAUSED the accident. It sounded (I was leaving work when I heard the crash) like someone wasn’t paying attention or something…

What do you think? should their be an age range for driving? How old is “too old” ?


2 Responses to Mobile Moment 10

  1. Acoff Wife says:

    child there is no real age limit as long as the person can see and hadn’t killed anyone there is no age to stop. just reasons to cause them to stop driving!

  2. Maridw says:

    I think age limit on drivers s a necessary one as it’s the matter of losing life.

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