The Little Things

Hey, I decided to crash the blog again to share a warm and fuzzy with you all.

This morning, I went about my usual routine of running myself all over the place to get ready for work and praying that I don’t miss the bus. I’m exhausted from working all these overtime hours again, but I still manage to function.

I arrived at the station close to 7am (I don’t normally have to be at work that early) and sat down near the nice, blind dude that I see every morning  that I have to catch the bus that early.

Then the nicest thing happened: One of my favorite bus drivers came over to the blind man and gave him a rose. She said that she picked from a bush at her house and was giving it to him as thanks for riding her bus.

I almost cried. It was a simple gesture but the kindness in it was so overwhelming that it immediately brightened my day.

Our bus arrived and as usual, I let the blind gentleman get on before me. When I was getting off the bus, he told me to have a great day and told him to have a wonderful day, too. I guess I was surprised that he noticed that it was my stop or remembered my voice from always telling the bus drivers to have a nice day. That was part 2 of my warm and fuzzy moment.

I honestly wanted to share this because I was so stressed out, tired, depressed, and overall, worn down that I almost ignored the little things that make life so freakin’ sweet. You never know how much a kind word or gesture could make someone’s day, even if you only witness it.

4 Responses to The Little Things

  1. dtownsend23 says:

    This does sound like a wonderful start to a day!!!
    btw, that kid looks terrified. biodiversity indeed !

    My co-worker decided to get bagels for the office today, and that made me VERY happy, especially since I’m broke till pay day. Thanks co-worker !!!

  2. bunni_ says:

    this was sweeeet
    im having a bad day also but this
    helped with my mood a little 🙂

  3. dtownsend23 says:

    see, that’s the power of my blog friends!!
    we control eMOTIONS, yo.

  4. mellownmighty says:

    Yay for spreading cheer!!!

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